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Iluka 2466, day one

Day one.

We rolled into town on a small pink unicorn named Joe. Strange name for a unicorn I know, but it was inherited from his previous owner.
There was no fanfare, zero celebration and we were not even acknowledged by the town hobbit. But I couldn’t hold this against the place… could I?

Fishing boat. Quaint

Fishing boat. Quaint

Immediately my face started scouring the sea side village street scape for suitable eating houses, because that’s just what it does when we’re on holidays… and pretty much every other day. It spied the fisherman’s co-op so I rewarded it with a slap up seafood feast. Nice. A great start to any holiday. My face thanked me for feeding it oysters and fish and prawns, and in return it let me smile for a minute or two. Nice face… nice face.

Earlier it was passed that our eldest son, Seba, was going to cook dinner tonight so we set about getting the necessary ingredients for “Gall amb vi del priorat” (or chicken in red wine) from Frank Commora’s book “MoVida Rustica”. Looks damn fine I must admit, but somehow the kid managed to blag the cooking side of things in favour of splashing around in the river and a jaunt to the park… bloody kids these days. No sense of responsibility or fulfilment of promises. Taking into account his age (7) I decided I would cut him a little slack, put the stock whip away and get my ass into the quaint little seaside cottage kitchen. I LOVE electric cooktops… about as useful as a hatful of trousers. I’m not even sure what that was meant to mean…


To be absolutely fair, Seba did manage to chop a few vegetables before he bailed…


It’s a good book kiddos. Not “the good book”, but a good book none-the-less


…and Seba was quite excited to be able to empty a bottle of wine in there


Really similar to coq au vin, but this has cinnamon in it


I bloody loved the cinnamon in there


With sauteed green beans and lemon. Living like a boss!


10 comments on “Iluka 2466, day one

  1. laurasmess says:

    Seba did a good job with the chopping and pouring! Glad that you’re starting him early in the cooking business… it’s a great way to pull the chicks when he gets older (my husband cooked me grilled fish in the first month we were together. We’re married now and he no longer cooks. That is all). I’ve never read any recipes by Frank Commora. I need to change that (preferably whilst on a boat!)

    1. Seriously suss out his stuff. He has a few cook books that are all worthy of a place on your book shelf. And my boys will be working the pans in my kitchen by the time they’re ten methinks!

      1. laurasmess says:

        I’ll have a look next time I go to the book store, thanks for the recommendation! Hm, maybe with time you can have a ‘Seba cooks’ segment on the blog… three years or so? As long as he can keep up with the expletives! 😉

      2. It will happen fer sure 🙂

  2. My daughter has only just started taking an interest in what I actually do in the kitchen (she’s almost 19). She asks lots of questions and watches while I cook and I give her tips – it’s a a beautiful thing! better late than never I guess. Love how your kids get involved in the cooking process and I Love this dish – looks fantastic and the cinnamon makes it all the better! 🙂

    1. Dude it was seriously good, and the cinnamon was the big difference that made it more special-er just like me. Damn fine. Damn fine.

      1. Yes, you are the most “special-er” person I have never actually met 🙂

      2. I’m defo calling that a win 🙂

  3. It’s really good to get the kids cookin. Seba did a great job! Beautiful dish.

    1. Fer sure. And they love it too!!

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