The Twelve Days of Christmas (Ham Leftovers)… Ham and Cheese Toastie

ham and cheese toasted sandwich
Smoking (or purchasing a pre-made product is a totally feasible option from the layman) a seemingly ridiculous amount of ham for your family Christmas is actually a pretty damn good idea. In fact, it is one of the better ideas I have seen in these parts for nigh on a while that’s for sure. Smarter than the guy who decided to put some meat in between two pieces of bread and call it a sandwich, even.

When Jennee returned from a pre-Christmas trip to town with a leg of pork (like, the whole thing in it’s 10kg unadulterated glory) for me to adulterate in ways that will not be spoken of, but would result in the purest of smoky tanned ham for the table this Christmas, I thought she had gone a little Christmas-crazy. After doing the math, Jennee also decided that she may have run mad…

Oh what fools we were.

This ham has been the gift that has kept on giving this Christmas. It embodies everything the true spirit of Christmas is all about. Unstoppable in its generosity and love, it is the Mother Teresa of the food world. So beautiful… so very, very beautiful. I’m welling up here just thinking about how much it has given, and how little it has asked in return…

I need to move on before my tears do a mischief to my laptop.

So simple, so good
So simple, so good


Sliced ham
Sliced cheese. Some kind of cheddar is good, but brie or provolone would be excellent, as will just about any cheese you have on hand
Thick sliced bread
Mustard or piccalilli

• Layer one slice of bread with ham and cheese. Spread a good layer of mustard or piccalilli on the other piece of bread and place it on top of cheese to form a “sandwich”
• Butter the top piece of bread on the outside. Mental
• Place butter side of sandwich down in a pan over medium heat. While that side is sizzling away butter the side of bread that is facing up
• Cook “sandwich” for 2-3 minutes each side, pressing down once or twice with a spatula
• It’s going to burn your mouth if you eat it straight away, but try letting one of the bad boys cool down

And please remember; Ham – it’s not just for Christmas, it’s for life.

19 responses to “The Twelve Days of Christmas (Ham Leftovers)… Ham and Cheese Toastie”

  1. Ha, now I feel like my ham was unappreciated! Poor little despised ham. I did two over the Christmas period (12kg total) and now it can’t even look at the stuff. Other then this golden blaze of glorious deliciousness, I mean. Oh! cheese, how I love thee.

  2. gonna be honest here. Usually I hate things like “christmas ham” for dinner, since I dunno, it’s just not something I grew up with…. but damn, that ham looks downright MEATY. Like an actual hunk of meat!

    And that butter? How do you have such yellow butter???? Is butter just better on the other side of the hemisphere????? My butter is pale yellow and the saddest crap ever. Yours looks like gold.

    • I was 10kg of pure pork leg glory (I am watching my son finish gnawing on the bone of the very last of it as I write this). Maybe you’re thinking of the over processed football variety?? 🙂
      And the butter is just made from the milk of virginal mother-of-anikin type cows that feed only on pure gold… Or maybe it’s just my shonky photography skills getting adjusted in I-photo 🙂

  3. I love all of your ham leftover posts! We had a second wave of guests this year the day after Christmas so that pretty much took care of all of our ham. Kind of bummed me out because it was an expensive Korobuta ham…but what can you do? I couldn’t hide it. Ha. Next year I’ll know exactly where to look for delicious ham leftover ideas. Thanks!

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