The “all are welcome” breakfast sandwich

The “all are welcome” breakfast sandwich

As the title may suggest, this sandwich does not discriminate.

This sandwich is like a church for ingredients of any given religion. This is the church that churches wish they could be. One world, one love, etc, etc. except, of course, that this is not a church. It is a sandwich.

Try to keep up.

Not only is this sandwich negotiable in its choice of fillings, it is also a bit of a social butterfly when it comes to its choice of kitchen location – preferring sunshine, a beachy back drop and a few hung over heads to feed if it had the choice. To be honest, this sandwich truly excels when hastily gathered ingredients are strewn on the public BBQ by you and your hungover mates with someone tossing a frisbee in the background or even better, someone making a round of bloody Mary’s in the foreground.

Also, I would recommend shunning the crockery for some paper towel, or even a sheet from the Sunday paper, for the full dining experience.

That’s how we cut it. And you might notice that we were lucky enough to find a cheesy flat loaf to encase our sandwich
You know that is going to be perfect, right?


(serves 4)

1 long Turkish pide, ciabatta or something else that is made of bread, long and a little bit flat (or 4 singer buns), cut along the length so it might open like a sandwich
6 full rashers of bacon
2 black pudding, sliced (any sausage will jump in here)
6 eggs
2 avocado
1 large handful rocket
3 tablespoons mayonnaise
A splash of hot sauce
BBQ seasoning (or salt and pepper)
Sautéed mushrooms, fried or fresh tomatoes, onion, any meat product at all, any cheese, roasted capsicum, fresh or cooked chilli, beans, any chutney or relish you love, pickled vegetables, sautéed or fresh spinach, hollandaise sauce, whatever. You get it?

It all happens fairly quickly on the hot plate of a BBQ so firstly we’re going to make sure we have everything prepped and ready.
Turn the BBQ on.
Once the BBQ is hot, grill the inside of your bread until it is toasty and delicious looking. Put this aside on a cutting board.
Now splash a little bit of oil around and get the bacon and sausage cooking.
While that’s cooking you can spread your avocado onto one side of the bread and then top that with the rocket.
Check your bacon and sausage. Almost done? Good. Move that to the side of the BBQ to stay warm.
Splash a little more oil around and get the eggs on. Most public BBQs in Australia have a little drainage system where the hot plate will pitch ever-so-slightly into and a hole in the middle, so you want to use a spatula or egg rings to stop your eggs from half disappearing down this.
Season the eggs with your favourite BBQ rub or some salt and pepper.
While the eggs are cooking get some mayonnaise onto the non avocadoed side of your sandwich.
Now put the bacon and sausage down, top them with the fried eggs, splash a little or a lot of hot sauce onto that and then close it up.
Cut into 4 portions and serve on some of Rupert Murdoch’s finest.
Wash down with a bloody Mary.
Recovery is imminent.

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