Grilled corn ribs with herb salt and pecorino

This is not a recipe for grilled ribs that have come from an animal, no sirree. This is a recipe for corn that is halved and then quartered through the middle of the cob and then grilled, and somehow this corn comes out on the other side of this process with the name “grilled corn ribs”.

This is good corn. But it’s not just good corn. This is good corn for a man with a beard and moustache and all of his friends. This is corn for me.

There is not even a single thing wrong with this corn

with herb salt and pecorino

(For the table)

4 ears of sweet corn, husks removed
50 g pecorino (or parmesan) cheese, finely grated with a microplane
1 tablespoon each dried thyme, dried oregano and dried chilli flakes, ground a little finer than shelf standard in a spice grinder if you have one
2 tablespoons salt
1 cup mayonnaise
Vegetable oil
A few sprigs of coriander, to serve
1 lemon (or lime), quartered, to serve

Boil or steam corn for 5 minutes. This will make it a little easier to prepare and also a little quicker to grill.
Strain corn and allow to cool a little.
While corn is chilling a little you can mix the dried herbs, chilli and salt together to make your herb salt. You will not need all of this for the corn but I thought you would like to make a little extra for your chips or roast vegetables or something along those lines.
Cut corn in half, stand each half up on its flat side and then cut each half into quarters through the length so you are left with 4 ribby (this word is getting used super loosely right here) looking sides of corn.
Throw the corn into a bowl and toss it with a little oil to coat.
Grill corn over coals (or in a heavy based pan), flipping every minute or so, until kernels are charred and cooked through.
Remove corn from grill and place in a bowl big enough to fit all dat corn comfortably.
Add ½ cup mayonnaise to corn and mix to coat evenly. If the coating is a bit sparse, add a little more mayonnaise and mix again. Repeat step 2 until you are happy with your mayonnaise coating.
Pour your corn onto a serving platter, season with a sprinkle of herb salt and top with grated pecorino cheese and coriander.
Squeeze some lemon on it a put it into your bearded face.

6 responses to “Grilled corn ribs with herb salt and pecorino”

  1. The problem for me with this type of recipe is not the pleasure of finding bits of cheese in the beard on which to nibble. No, it’s our Parsons Jack Russell. She enjoys jumping on me while I rest on the couch and attacking any stray bits still in the beard. The intensity of the attacks makes me roar laughing, while disgusting my better half. Nice corn though.

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