Easy chocolate molten pud to impress chicks… or a title that is slightly more PC

This is a very simple chocolate pudding recipe which is great to impress someone you may or may not be keen on.. That is, unless they don’t like chocolate. This recipe is no good if you are trying to impress someone who doesn’t like … or is allergic to… chocolate. It would be an absolute disaster if you fed this pudding to someone who was allergic to chocolate. They could die! Actually, let’s not make a chocolate pud. Just stick to the cheese board….

Just kidding….

Let’s do this shit.

250g US butter
350g dark chocolate
100g plain flour, sifted
90g castor sugar
4 eggs
2 egg yolks

Melt the butter and chocolate over a baine marie. Stir to combine well.
Combine the flour and sugar in a bowl. Whisk in the eggs and extra yolks, one by one. Mix thoroughly.
If you want to flavour the mix with a splash of booze, some orange zest or a pinch of chilli, which I would encourage you to try at some stage, do it now!
Add the chocolate mixture to the batter and fold through until just combined.
Divide the mix into 6 brulee ramekins, or coffee cups are heaps good and usually quite accessible.
Into a pre-heated oven* at 180C for about 10 minutes, depending on your oven. Check the pud, it should have a cakey outside with a molten middle, kind of like a volcano!
Serve with some creme fraiche and chocolatey icecream if you wanna really go all out.

This is one of those puddings that has a gooey chocolate awesomeness centre. A magical chocolate fountain. Warm chocolate fudginess thing. I don’t know. Just try it.

*see what I did there? Told you about the pre-heated oven at the end of the recipe. That’s why you gotta go through the whole recipe first, before you start cooking. Sorry. Don’t be lazy now…

5 responses to “Easy chocolate molten pud to impress chicks… or a title that is slightly more PC”

  1. Thanks for the recipe! I’ve got a similar one where, if you just accidentally have one pud left over and it accidentally gets microwaved the next morning for breakfast that the volcano-effect actually happens (put a plate under it unless you want to clean your microwave)? And then some cream just tips in? If you try with this recipe and it doesn’t work, I can make it happen for you…..accidentally.

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