I’m getting heaps clever now… this one even has photo’s AKA breakfast fritters

To me the best meal of the day is breakfast. It gets you ready for the day. A good breakfast will start you off on the right foot, give you a good chance of surviving the day, or at least the energy to put up a fight if things start to turn pear shaped!

We always start with freshly brewed coffee, and maybe juice, and often my personal favourite… fritters.

Fritters of whatever description (it should be said here that these could be made with leftover roast veg, you could add ricotta or sweet potato instead of the zucchini, use buttermilk or soy instead of cows milk… I really hope you’re starting to get the picture of how this cooking game rolls) with crisp bacon or speck, salsa, rocket from the garden and a poached egg or two for the rest of the family, and of course, my beautiful family.

We talk about what we might do that day and inevitably get into shortly after our second coffee.


Breakfast* fritters

2 cobs of corn, sliced off the cob, or, 1 tin of corn if you have to

1 zucchini, grated

1 shallot, sliced

0.5 cup self raising flour


2 eggs from my chooks who are happy I think. Well, at least that’s what they told me last time we spoke.

0.25 cup milk

Mix all ingredients together except eggs and milk. Once everything is coated in flour add eggs and milk and mix until combined. I like a thick batter but experiment with more milk if you like it to be more like a pancake. You can also add some spices or herbs to the mix right here. Cumin and coriander would work well, thyme and rosemary, etc, etc.

Heat some olive oil in a pan over medium heat and fry fritters (I like them to be about the size of a fried egg and 1-2 cm thick) for about four minutes each side or until golden brown… maybe break one open if you are unsure if they are cooked or not. If you have your whole family over for breakfast or you just like to eat more than your fair share, double or triple the recipe, fry in batches of three or four at a time, and keep warm in your oven at 100C.

Serve with tomato salsa (simply chopped tomato, red onion and a handful of basil, rocket and mint from the garden, lemon juice, olive oil and seasoning), radish from my garden and bacon, crispy for me please.

Eat the shit out of that, as my mate Jess would say.

*I should also say that fritters are not just for breakfast. Brunch, lunch or even dinner, maybe with roasted spatchcock, lemon and salsa verde. Yep. That works for me.

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