potato salad for Jenny K.

‘hi, I love the site & I’m asking if you have a great potato salad recipe – love your site.’ Jenny K.

Hmmm. Two ‘I love the site’ in one sentence… A little keen but I’m down with that…

Do I have a great potato salad recipe? Are you kidding. I love potato salad. It is probs my second favourite salad ever, after coleslaw (and I have a bit of an issue that I really love cabbage of any description so nothing else really had a chance. I can really never get enough coleslaw).

The recipe here is a combination of my nana’s potato salad with a few extras I have added… so it’s pretty much the cream of the crop. Old meets new and all that. The best of both worlds. Yeah OK… I’ll get the recipe.

One thing I might add about potato salad is I go through stages of liking a particular recipe. So this is my flavour of the month atm…

POTATO SALAD for a bbq or a night at home by yourself, on the bongs

2kg cooked chat potatoes

1 cup smoked sausage or bacon, diced, cooked

½ cup cornichons, chopped

½ cup chives, chopped

½ cup dill, chopped

¼ cup crème fraiche* or sour cream

¼ cup mayonnaise, home made. Have I given you a recipe for that yet?

salt and pepper

Combine everything.

Just whack it all into a mixing bowl and combine until everything is dressed in creamy goodness. Yeah. Just like last Friday night, but we’ll leave that alone…


*creme fraiche. Posh sour cream is about as simple as I can explain that.

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