the burgers are ruling so far

my dinner

Free-range chicken (yeah. Isn’t that funny after the whopper from Hungry Jack’s) marinated in coriander seed, rosemary, garlic, paprika, salt, pepper and olive oil. Marinate escalopes of chicken for at least an hour. Dutch cream potatoes from the farmers market, lettuce from there aswell, and goats cheese too. And some local bacon from the butcher up the road. Oh, and some tinned pineapple and soy mayonnaise. Delicious.

Cook the potato wedges first*, then then pineapple rings, the bacon and chicken. Put in a bun (this is apparently what makes something a burger) and dress with yum shit.

the spice paste


the burger with potato wedges

*chips and wedges always work best if you blanch them first. For chips I would blanch them in oil and wedges I would blanch in water and then oven bake (with a little oil) or fry until crisp.

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