the burger challenge – my breakfast

Egg, cheese and herb burger

Today I was in a bit of a bread making mood, which is kinda weird for me, so I made foccacia rolls for my burger.

the bread dough

And I collected some eggs that had just come out of our chickens. Then I fried one up. I like it when the base is a bit crispy and the yolk is still soft.

the chooks

Then I picked some basil and parsley and rocket from our garden.

the end result

I found some green tomato chutney that jen had made, some cheese from the next postcode, some lettuce from the farmers market, and an onion P.O.O.U (point of origin unsure). And that was my burger.

The plate was made by Seba.

The reason for me telling you all of this? None. Zero. Just to be a wanker I guess.