Restaurant reviews? Unheard of… Maybe I’ll do some more, maybe I won’t, but one thing is for sure, Jen and I just had a cracking lunch at a restaurant to have only recently opened it’s doors in the Byron hinterland… Lilianas.

So I’ll say that it was delicious. The duck liver pate was devoured in seconds. I was even a little excited to remember to take a photo so here’s what was left… The ribeye steak from Binna Burra just down the road was cooked beautifully, as was the chorizo and local squid in Jens salad. If you ever get a chance to try fresh local squid from where ever you are (unless you live on the edge of a shitty old swamp or sewage treatment plant) I suggest you jolly well do it. Fresh squid is to good for my meager words.

The coffee was really good, which forced me to have another, which in turn gave me the shakes… For a new place it felt like it had been there for a while… warm, homely, old haunt-ish, and a few other wanky adjectives should go here….

The duck liver pate was to good to be wasting time with a damn photo. This is what was left, one or two mouthfulls before it was finished. I think you'd agree the presentation is very good. Minimalistic...

Steak and chips done well

Local squid and chorizo with rouille, and Jen's arm