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the wiffy on wheat, sugar and dairy free

Ok so it is true- he does have a wife and her name is Jennee… or Seona- it depends on the hair cut!! I have decided to comment on the burger challenge and make it an interesting side note that as my nearest and dearest is about to embark on a challenge of cholestorolic proportions I have decided to go the complete opposite way.

Yes I have entered….once again… the no wheat, dairy or sugar diet!!!! For those of you who know me would also know that I embark on this destiny at least once a month and last approximately 2 days on it before I neck a bottle of wine and ask G to bring home a chocolate brownie from work at 9pm!!

But for those 2 days I am SOLID!!!!! So I have decided to give all of those wheat and sugar free people a delicious meal that is a twist on vego burger post earlier. I made the vege patties- fried ’til golden and served it with zucchini flowers stuffed with herbs, rocket (yes I know its a herb!) and fetta… and FYI (thankyou Gbags) I am completely aware of the irony of putting fetta in a dairy, wheat and sugar free dish!!!! Now you see how I am destined to fail in this endevour!!!!!! I served said dish with a tomato salsery thing made of tomato, coriander, anchovies and capers all chopped to a polverised mess and then mixed with the marintated fetta oil ( I know!)
You gotta try it… it is DAMN FINE! Just look at the excellent glossy photos I took of it…

The photos really don’t do this justice. Trust me.


PS. this was written a couple of weeks ago and got lost in the wild mess that is my computer. Hence it has a few references to past events. Deal with it, you’ll be fine.

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One comment on “the wiffy on wheat, sugar and dairy free

  1. paul macnish says:

    Jen i love your dish it magnificent!!! love the fact there’s feta in dairy free…GOLD

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