beer mini dego 1st course Pauly

Beer mini degustation 1st course

We’re trying something new out, both Graeme and I are fulfilling a challenge together and since we live on different sides of Australia and pretty much hate each other if we talk for more then five minutes…this may cause some problems with continuity and general flow of the menu.
We are creating a 4 course Beer inspired menu, so I’ve been given the task of course 1 and course 3…why? Because its Graeme’s blog and he tells me what to do. If you all think Graeme should leave the blog and never come back please say this in the comment box at the bottom, thank you.
Beer, who doesn’t like beer? Well me quiet frankly, I drink it purely so other men think I’m one of them and not the cider-loving girl that I really am. So with all honestly I love cooking with it because I can add thing I do like and create even more stuff I like…sometimes my way with words just take you on a journey.

Here we go first course coming at ya, one of my all time favourite Japanese entrée’ with an Irish twist….

Stout tataki (serves 4 at least)
400g steak, can be fillet, scotch, skirt, sirloin
1 bottle or can of favourite stout
1 large knob of ginger, finely chopped
3 spring onions, finely sliced
2 tablespoons soy sauce
Juice of half a lime

• Cook the meat off in a pan only until it cooks through about 3-4 mm on each side then rest somewhere (we all know about resting by now)
• Add all other ingredients except the stout together, this gives the spring onions a bit of time to soften both texturally and flavour wise
• Now finely slice the beef and lay out on plates
• Pour equal amounts of the soy mixture on each
• Just before serving crack open the stout and pour over each plate
• Serve with chopsticks, if your guests can’t use chopsticks go find some friends with culture!!!

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