Paul’s caul (somebody come up with a better name, I dare you)… condiments rule the world

Condiments rule the world!!!

I know what your thinking…you’re thinking that’s a massive call, but I just love condiments and by condiments I mean nearly everything you use to dip, spread or pour. What’s that you say? That’s not the correct definition? Well maybe you should go write a blog about correctness and spelling and grammar, because as you can see we only care about things that go in your mouth…(its too easy people, I’m better than this….no I’m not…cock, hehe)
But making and having various chutneys, jams and sauces can really make your dinner making experience so much easier, once you’ve created them they bring bland food to life. I’m not endorsing shitty sausages with bbq sauce, more like chicken drumsticks with green chilli jam, or pork chop with a pernod and peach chutney. Graeme’s given you a few chutneys already so I thought I’d give you one of my favourites….Green chilli jam.
I truly love this stuff to a point of almost stalking it, getting up on a milk crate and watching it shower, I once smelt it jumper when it left a room just to feel close to it (by jumper I mean undies) you get the picture, if only our government was more liberal I would marry and have small chilli children with it…enough I know, I get carried away, it’s definitely a flaw.
Here’s the recipe, please bring it into your life and look after her…

Green chilli jam
600g green chilli
50g ginger
6 kaffir lime leaves
350ml cider vinegar
350ml rice wine vinegar
• Blend all this in mixer
• Place in pot and bring to boil then simmer for 20minutes
• Strain and place back in pot
Massive pinch of salt (also known as a punch)
1.5 kg sugar
• Add both these ingredients
• Bring back to boil stirring as you go
200g liquid pectin (get it from any supermarket)
• Stir pectin in well
200g green chilies sliced neatly
• Stir through green chillies
• Place in sterilized jars with a little room at top
• Cool, then put lids on and place in pot of boiling water to further sterilize.

Now I think this is right but I generally just play it by ear…so if you want me to come over and we can all make together then that’s fine with me.

Go in peace little ones….


You truly a man after my own heart, Pauly. I would be happy to help raise little chilli children with a man of you caliber, if you let me.,..

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