Everyone should get out there and try a duck farmer’s sausage today

This is a recipe that kinda relies on you being able to get hold of some good quality duck sausages. The sausages that AJ makes for me have a bit of bacon and a few herbs (and a few ‘other things’ I don’t know about) in them. I never thought a duck farmers sausage would taste so good… but believe me they do.


Everyone should get out there and try a duck farmers sausage today!


A hash is basically a potatoey type thing tossed in a pan until golden brown. Quite often it has other veg and meat in it, and it is probably the origin of the hash brown.


And the red wine jus in the ‘stocks’ section will work jus’ (hahahaha. I crack myself up) fine.





8 thick duck sausages in natural casings* if you can

2 sprigs of fresh thyme if you have some in your garden. If you don’t then I probably can’t help you

1 large sweet potato,washed and diced big, steamed or roasted until ‘al dente’**

12 baby onions or eshallots, seasoned and roasted until soft

1 cup frozen peas, defrosted

a handful of cress or rocket

your mums undies… no. That’s a different recipe

1 cup red wine jus, at room temp


  • Sizzle sausages over a med-low heat in a pan with no oil (because duck has quite a bit of fat in it)
  • When the fat starts to render out of the sausages, transfer a splash to another pan and fry the sweet potato. When it starts to colour up, add baby onions and peas. Cook out for a further minute and add cress. Set aside
  • By now your sausages should be close to ready. Or ready even. Pull them off the heat to rest for a second.
  • Drink something for god’s sake!
  • Now plate up. Put some hash down, followed by a couple of sausages
  • Put the sausage pan, with all of the left over juices in it, back on a heat. Add the jus and the thyme. Heat until it is beautiful
  • Pour jus over the dish
  • Eat it and tell yourself how much of a good little cook you are becoming



*natural casings are the intestines of a cow. They are a little firmer than synthetic casings, hold their form a bit better, and have a nice ‘pop’ when you bite into them


**al dente. “to the tooth’. Firm but soft if that makes any sense. Google it for a less whiskey fueled interpretation .

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