Beer mini dego 3rd course – Pauly

If you can read, you should seriously read this! If you can’t read, I do realise the irony in what I am typing now. Anyhow, course number three to Pauly. I gotta sit down and make all of this once we’re done… G

Beer challenge third course


Did someone say ribs…


Now seriously if you don’t like pork ribs you have either not tried them prepared properly or you’re a food degenerate who shouldn’t be reading such a high fluting foodie blog such as this… or you may be a Muslim and in that case you I’ll make an exception.


Ribs are and always will be about the best food to go with beer!!!


This is scientifically proven, someone at a university somewhere in the world a professor (non the less) did years of research so it’s now an unwavering FACT!!!!

(This may or may not be total bollocks…another study should be done to verify my many outlandish statements)


Regardless of my somewhat made up facts about ribs, they really do go well with beer, it’s the entire eating process that’s so enjoyable, from the putting on of a bib or maybe just tucking a t-towel into your t-shirt then basically painting your forearms with sauce while hopefully getting some meat in your mouth (wink wink) this is why they go with beer not for some bullshit reason about fats cutting through flavour…blah blah blah , its because they make you feel like a man, no like a god damn CAVEMAN. Even if you don’t own your own penis it still makes you feel raw and alive (if you don’t own your own penis, I’m pretty sure you’re a girl)


So I’m going to give you a recipe to have with beer made with beer, with beer in the title, basically beer beer beer beer…


Beer chiili and star anise pork ribs.

2 racks of pork ribs (American ribs)

2 bottles of beer (whatever you like, brown ale is good)

1 cup molasses

1-2 tablespoons dried chilli

2-3 star anise

I cinnamon quill

¼ cup black vinegar

¼ soy (good stuff)

1 tablespoon instant coffee (yes this is real and makes a difference, trust me!!)


  • Seal the ribs in a pan or on bbq, if you need to cut the racks in two then so be it…
  • Mix all other ingredients together in a sauce pan and bring to heat
  • Place both ribs and sauce in a roasting pan.(best to line with some glad bake, save you cleaning)
  • Cover with glad bake and foil and bake in oven at 160c for 4 hours or until the meats falling off the bone
  • The sauce should be thick and sticky, but if its not chuck back in a sauce pan and reduce until desired thickness is achieved


This to me is a meal in its self but you could happily serve it with a nice salad, some massive potato wedges, or what I like to do is make pineapple wedges and roast them to serve with…..amazballs.


So all in all I’ve spoke of RIBS, BIBS & FIBS….get amongst it people, really hope you get down and dirty.


4 responses to “Beer mini dego 3rd course – Pauly”

  1. furry or really fast… like out of space balls or something..
    Pauly- your wit never ceases to please me.. Keep it up good sir… now where are my maidens and their grapes??

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