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lambs fry and bacon

Lambs fry and bacon for breakfast. Who would have ever thunk it? It’s the type of meal that you eat and you actually feel like a farmer or a truckie or some other stereotype who might eat a lot of meat for breakfast..

Today was my first time, and I gotta admit, I was a fan.

Lamb’s liver, bacon, heaps of onion, worcestershire sauce, fresh tomato and a fried egg. May not sound of even look that appetizing but I think you should give it a go.

I’m gonna work on this one. See if I can’t pretty it up a bit…

3 comments on “lambs fry and bacon

  1. Doktrchris says:

    Only real men should consider lambs fry and bacon for breakfast….it will put a horn on a jelly fish !! Doktrchris

  2. missus says:

    childhood memories flooding back … you like it dad? I made it with you in mind!

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