Who wants to see a photo of my breakfast?

Sometimes I don’t really know what the purpose of this (or any other) blog is. But then I think can just do whatever I want and it’s all absolutely cool. Yeah. Right on. Power to the people and all that shite.

Right now I am going to show you what I had for breakfast. I guess I could be totally effed up with that comment and show it to you ten hours later… in real time. Like, exiting my body. But no, I will show you a photo and tell you it tasted like yum.


Mushroom and chorizo omelette, rocket straight from the garden, tomato and pecorino.

4 responses to “Who wants to see a photo of my breakfast?”

  1. hahahahaha- I only just read the title of this!!!!! that is classic! maybe you could show us your lunch later?? wink wink… nod nod…. say no more!!!!!

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