five things to do with… seafood



5* great reasons to cook fish

  1. Seafood pealla. Also a great reason to buy a nice paella pan. They are pretty exy but who is not going to compliment a metre wide pan in your kitchen. Just make sure it can fit on a heat source, or you’re gonna look hella stupid next paella night
  1. Prawn cocktails. When I was younger my mum used to take us to parties and the prawn cocktails were always reserved for the adults. They would let us have a drink of their booze but no prawn cocktail. How fucked up is that? It used to piss me off heaps cos I knew they must’ve tasted really good. So now I eat them whenever I want. I am a big boy now.

I like them with shredded iceberg lettuce only, avocado and jalepeno salsa, a heap of freshly shelled prawns (get fresh prawns from the fish shop for a premium result. They are generally cooked soon after being pulled from the ocean, in salt water and will taste the best), and the final ingredient, homemade marie rose sauce** (or seafood sauce as it is called all over this great land of ours)

  1. The ‘ting sandwich’. A creation of my brother Matt. Crumbed whiting, white bread and tartare sauce. It’s up there somewhere in blogland…
  1. Thai yellow curry of wok tossed kingfish, prawns, snowpeas and cherry tomatoes. If you can get hold of fresh tumeric and kaffir lime leaves, you are all over this shit.

Fry off 1 cup of paste*** with ¼ cup of palm sugar (castor will do) until smelling fragrant and starting to caramelise. Add two tins of coconut cream and 5 kaffir lime leaf, cook out for 5 minutes. Season with juice of 1 lime and 2 tablespoons of fish sauce. Check seasoning and add a little more fish sauce if necessary.

Toss some matchbox sized chunks of kingfish in a hot wok for about a minute. Add a handful each of shelled prawns, snowpeas and cherry tomatoes. Toss for another minute or two, depending on how much heat you can get, you want everything to be almost ready. Pour in your curry sauce and heat (30-40 seconds).

Serve immediately with steamed rice, and all of your thai friends… if you haven’t got any of those, any ol’ caucasion**** will do

  1. Fishcakes. I have posted a few different recipes previously, so no excuses
  1. Cos jesus told you to
  1. Cos you alien overlords told you to
  1. Just cos


*clearly I’m still on my own program when it comes to counting… and a lot of other things

**marie rose sauce, my recipe

1 cup of good quality mayonnaise (do I really need to keep emphasising this? Probably, eh…)

½ cup tomato sauce (ketchup)

at least a few splashes of Tabasco

a 30ml shot of brandy, and one for yourself while you’re there

1 tbls lemon juice

salt and pepper

***simple yellow curry paste

5-10 dried long red chilli, deseeded and soaked in boiling water to re-hydrate

1 thumb sized knob galangal, if you can find it, chopped roughly

1 thumb sized knob fresh turmeric, chopped roughly

5 cloves garlic

1 red onion

1 tspn shrimp paste, if you can get it, wrap in alfoil and dry roast in a pan until your house smells like a dirty old prawn trawler

2 tbls veg or blended oil

  • Blitz all ingredient to form a coarse paste
  • This is a simple yellow curry paste


****Caucasian. White guy. Funny looking. Heaps of them around

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