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The ‘ting fishcake

THE ‘TING FISHCAKE by my brother Matt

Oh the glory

Yes that’s right. My brother Matt, the man who introduced you to “the ‘ting burger”, is back with another creation. The ‘ting fishcake. Great for late night dinners when the only company you have is the home shopping network. Also really, really good to impress a female woman of the opposite sex… if you ever get them wandering through? Maybe you live on a road in the middle of “nowhere” and people have to come and ask you directions on how to get back on the road to “somewhere”? Maybe some of these people are girls? You’ve got them in the basement. Ooooh…

There’s a lot of hearsay flying around right now, so I think I’m gonna just move on. I need to work with facts people.

So the scant actual details I have been provided go like this. And I quote,
“They don’t allow cameras in c ward. Tonight I make ‘ting cakes, no potato, rough chop like the Atlantic salmon snapper jobbies you used to make, a few baby capers, bit of lemon zest, parsley n egg white. Yolk for tartare. Mixed lettuce leaves, red onion, cherry tomato n fetta salad!”

I feel obliged to translate.


“Ooh, you want this? I’m gonna eat it. I am…”

“Get your ass over here you little… what are you doing here? Why are you watching me?”

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