Two minute noodles… a young mans best friend



Two minute noodles have saved many lives over time. From single young men, to students, to single young men. We’ve all owed our lives to these 37 cent miracles at one stage or the other… which I guess actually means that we all owe our lives to these little puppies full stop.


I still remember the day I first read about the two minute noodle in the bible. I was only 12 years old… OK you got me. Clearly lying again… I was 14. We all know no 12 year old boy is going to be spending his time reading the bible. He just found out about heaps more fun stuff he can do, and all he needs is himself…


Wow. I just realised what I have been saying. Two minute noodles save peoples lives… they are saviours… read about in the bible… the second coming? They are the modern poor mans bread. Except I guess bread is still the modern day poor mans bread…


Welcome to blowingshittytheoriesoutofthewater, a subsidiary of foodisthebestshitever…


I just think (too much) the full potential of two minute noodle hasn’t been explored properly, so, in another ground breaking first, we’re gonna delve into the mysterious ‘other world’ of the two minute noodle today… or tonight… depending on which hemisphere you are in right now.


I can here your breath getting stronger… oh wait, that’s just my dog. Naughty Max.


Even if you are not excited I think you should be. Why? Just because I said so… that’s all…



Chicken noodle soup

Just to remind you of mum’s house. Don’t worry, I’m sure she’ll be over soon to collect your washing.


1 chicken Maryland or two chicken drumsticks or thighs, free-range is good

1 carrot, diced as nicely as your skill set will allow

1 small potato, diced as above

1 handful frozen peas or corn or both

some chopped up spinach or silverbeet or even cabbage

a pinch of some kinda dried herbs

1 packet of two minute noodles, broken up a little (or use rice noodles or even spaghetti)

1lt chicken stock (and I’m pretty sure most young men are not going to be to bothered with making their own, so steal some out of your mums freezer, although that would defeat the purpose of this ‘cause if you’re going to mummy’s house you may as well just steal the soup. So just use stock powder)

  • Put everything except the noodles in pot, and simmer on a medium heat for 20-25 minutes, or until the chicken is cooked. You can check if the chicken is cooked by tearing it apart and, well, checking if it is cooked
  • Once chicken is cooked add noodles and simmer for another two minutes
  • Sit on the couch, put a teatowel on you lap, and eat it straight from the pot
  • Effin’ ‘A’ brah

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