Brasserie Bread South Melbourne

Brasserie Bread, South Melbourne. Artisan bakery, cafe and bread making school.

And our choice for breakfast on this day.

Firstly, Jennee is gluten intolerant, except for today it seems. She was like a kid in a candy store. She literally would not stop buying bread.

The people who own this place are smart. They are smart enough to give you free samples of their bread and then back it up with a really good effing product which your taste buds will explain to you that it would be an injustice to not purchase. Nothing like a hokey little packet-baked Brumbys Bakery free bread giveaway. This is the real thing.

I made the mistake of trying the oh-so-buttery-goodness that was the almond croissant. Eff me. It didn’t stand a chance. It was in the bags (yes bags) with its friends, and I was starting to think we would be eating bread every meal for the remainder of our stay… not a totally unpleasant thought, but we were starting to look like we’d hijacked a UN ration truck, or maybe just returned from a Jesus doin the loaves and fishes trick type thing.

Sweet potato and pulled pork hash, fried egg, awesome toast

The other mistake (yeah. Sometimes I make two mistakes) I made this morning was ordering something other then toast for breakfast. And breakfast was really good. It’s just that the toast… well the toast was really, really good. And it comes with some funky artisan butter. Once again really, really good.

The staff were super friendly, met the owner and she was super friendly too, the food is awesome and they do bread making classes. EFF YES.

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