Sweet chilli sauce


Another chilli condiment up for grabs…

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I published a post entitled Chilli Condiments for Kuso, and it is the most popular post of this blog’s 10-month tenure. So my smart brains said to me “Graz, you should make some more chilli sauce recipe so more people find your blog”. I said “Brains, that is a very good idea”. So here we are…

Home made sweet chilli sauce is kick-ass and effing easy to make. Sure, it’s probably been the “go to” dipping sauce about a million too many times at your local club or pub… but the homemade product is a little different.

The quality is A1. Like top shelf liquor compared to moonshine or the jungle juice they make up the road. That shit’ll turn you blind I say. The quantity of chilli can be altered to whatever you think you can handle tough guy (or girl). You can also vary the type of chilli; add a couple of dried chilli or birds eye chilli, or try red and green. You can also add other flavourings and seasonings; ginger, lime zest, coriander, etc.

Once again we will need to raid the neighbours chilli bush. Raid it good like a drunken Viking…

1 clove garlic
5 long red chilli, deseeded if you are a pussy. Seeds in if you are hardcore like me
1lt white vinegar
1lt castor sugar
1 tablespoon salt
• roughly chop chilli and garlic
• combine all ingredients and simmer until reduced ¼ or syrupy consistency
• cool a little and blitz with stick wizz, or don’t cool a little and blitz with stick wizz and scream in pain if burning hot sweet chilli caramel hits you in the face

If you want to check the consistency put a tablespoon or two onto a saucer and put in the fridge for 5 minutes. This will magically cool the sweet chilli and show you the consistency you will end up with. Simmer for a little longer if it’s not thick enough, yeah.


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