Amy and Justin come to stay… part 1

I’ve been a little MIA the last few weeks. Partly due to the fact that the holiday time is a guarantee of a good ass raping every day for a month if you work in the hospitality industry, partly due to the masses of friends and family we have had stop by in between times, and partly due to my flashbacks from ‘Nam… black helicopters in the sky. No wait up, that was just the channel nine traffic report guy.

Our home is always up for a bit of a shindig with some old friends. Maybe a beer or a sangria, some good food and a heaps of unadulterated stories about the good old days. Other times we’ll just poke fun of the carnies we keep in a cage on the verandah. Funny little carnies. Eat your cabbage. Eat your damn cabbage!

One such couple was Amy and her new Canuk husband Justin. They are in Australia for their honeymoon. Although Justin is Canadian and Amy seems to end every sentence with “ay” after living over there for 8 years, we thought it would be nice to welcome them into our home, and treat them like one of our own. We had some beers and ate a heap of food. Justin played guitar and we sung late into the night very badly (gotta apologise to the neighbours for that one). I even took the spy camera in the teddy bear out of the spare room so they could get a good nights sleep… well that’s what I told them anyway. The footage will be up on you tube soon!!!

The first night they stayed we enjoyed a Mexican feast featuring all our favourites that I have told you how to cook previously through the technology that is blogland and more specifically, this blog; chicken mole poblano, avocado salsa or guacamole, tortilla, tomatillo salsa and corn rice… which I think I owe you a recipe for. And you shall find said recipe if you are not too lazy to get to the end of the page.

put your guests to work. Amy made the avocado number...
put your guests to work. Amy made the avocado number…
el time to eat
el time to eat

CORN RICE for a heap of boarder jumpers

4 cups cooked rice

2 cobs sweet corn, charred, cut from cob

2 tablespoons of what I like to call “mexi seasoning”

  • Mix it up plenty good, season and eat


¼ cup ground dried chilli

¼ cup dried thyme

½ cup dried oregano

1 cups whole cumin, roasted and ground

Good food, good company, good shit!

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