Mole flavoured dukkah


No, this is not dukkah flavoured with a small, blind animal or a nasty looking girl you met playing pool at the local bogan pub (not today any way), but in fact a dukkah made with the spice, nut and seed mix I was about to add to my Mexican mole (pronounced mol-ay) sauce.

I will start the story… Now.

I happened upon this quite by accident, which, if you have your cooking wits about you, will become a regular occurrence in your kitchen. If you are toast burner and a pot fuser, it is quite probable this will not be the case. It is also quite probable that you can’t read either so you won’t be trying this out any time soon. Or maybe you could get your carer to read it to you and see how you go from there. Or even just get your mum to make it for you, that’ll be heaps easier. Oh, you’re still on the boob… It all becomes clear now. Well, you won’t need anything else to eat then will you?

So as I was smashing up my toasted spices and seeds for the mole sauce for Mr Awesome (see previous post) I looked into the mortar and thought to myself; that looks and smells like dukkah. Olive oil and a crusty loaf of bread were on hand so I did the sums and decided this shit was going to happen.

The result was nothing short of magic. I am a genius I said to myself. To which self quickly agreed.

My job here is done.


MOLE FLAVOURED DUKKAH for a heap of people drinking booze before the main event…
Roughly ¼ cup each of pepitas (pumpkin seeds), sesame seeds, whole blanched almonds, cumin seed, coriander seed (these can be adjusted a little to your liking)
• Toast everything in the oven or in a pan…. Biggest to smallest. That means the pepitas and almonds go in first, then the coriander and cumin seed, and the sesame seeds last. Or toast them all separately if that seems like it’s going to be a bit to hard to handle.
• Roughly crush spices in a mortar and pestle, you don’t want a powder, it should still have a bit of texture and crunch
• Add a little salt
• Devour that shit with good olive oil from the Italian guy down the road and bread you just made.
• What a wanker I am…

*this could happily be paired with Paul’s warm olives, which you can find here, for a bit more excitement on your antipasto…

6 responses to “Mole flavoured dukkah”

  1. I have to say that I’ve never been a big molé fan (you like that pretentious accent on the “e” I just dropped on you even though I don’t think the word has an accent?). Nonetheless, the texture of this looks like maybe it would be something I would like even with mole flavoring. Looks simple and delicious.

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