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Rabbit stuffed with chorizo and apple braised in cider… just in case it floods…

At even the remotest thought of being flooded in these days we are smart enough to stock up on a few essential items to make our cabin fever ease itself in all gentlemanly like. That will always include a small nations yearly consumption of alcohol, meat of some description and probably not spam and army biscuits.

For this lock-in we have chosen rabbit… And various types of seafarer’s holy water. For a millisecond I did have my eldest son convinced it was cat, but when he queried why I had gone out and killed a cat for our dinner I couldn’t keep the muse up… I am apparently not a total bastard.

bunnies and cider

bunnies and cider

chorizo and apple stuffing

chorizo and apple stuffing

rib cage is out

rib cage is out

stuff rabbit and then truss the bad boy up

stuff the rabbits and then truss those bad boys up

good to go

rubbed down with duck fat and good to go



the full spread - rabbit, roast vegetables, salad, cider gravy, broccoli puree, pauls webber chicken. EFFING AWESOME

the full spread – rabbit, roast vegetables, salad, cider gravy, broccoli puree, pauls webber chicken. EFFING AWESOME

For two little bunnies with some kind of Spanish influence (for 8 people)
2 little bunnies
2 brown onions
2 chorizo sausage
4 cloves of garlic
1 apple
1 cup fresh sourdough breadcrumbs
A big assed bottle of cider (most of it is for you)
Whatever vegetables you want to roast with it. If you can read this I would certainly think you can see what I put in
• To make the stuffing sweat off the onions, garlic and chorizo
• Once they are soft remove from heat and add the apple and bread crumbs
• Season to make sure it tastes delicious
• Take the rib cage out of the rabbit with your ribcage remover. Stuff said rabbits with the delicious chorizo and apple mix
• Tie rabbit up and make love to it like a… no. No! Put it in a roasting dish with some vegetables
• Rub it down with duck fat if you have some, and season with salt and pepper
• Cook the rabbit at 180C for 40 minutes then add whatever is left in that big assed bottle of cider, cover and cook at 160C for another hour. Baste it with pan juices every half hour
• Chop it up with a small axe and eat it like you just don’t care

We also made a pan gravy out of the rabbit and cider juices which you know how to do by now, non?

…and then the neighbours rock up with a chicken smoked in their webber. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Foodtrulyisthebestshitever.

13 comments on “Rabbit stuffed with chorizo and apple braised in cider… just in case it floods…

  1. Food in all its awesomeness is what life is all about 🙂 Not too keen on bunnies for pets but for dinner, they are effin’ fantabulous! 🙂

  2. Great looking dish, rabbit is still one of the meats I have yet to try.

    1. It’s defo worth a go. No fat on little bugs though, so it needs a bit of moisture and a low heat…

  3. That looks friggin amazing. I can almost smell the juicy waftage!

    1. It was dam fine fer sure. Not hard to cook either…

  4. Miss Dinie says:

    This looks lovely! But, rabbit… I don’t know?….

    1. Soooo damn tasty, but I think rabbit has a lot of doubters 😁

      1. Miss Dinie says:

        Ok.. I might be brave enough to eat some one day.. I had to brace myself to eat crocodile.. But that turned out well!

      2. She who dares wins 😁

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