Pork… food group or religion… or just a damn swine

Just because I can… plus it doesn’t have a like yet and quite frankly, I think this is one of my finer theories…



The sight of a good pork roast makes me quiver like the first time I saw a real live girls breast. A braised pork hock has the ability to break every emotional barrier I have In place, and have me weeping like a small child. Pork belly with crackle. Argh. I’m getting hungry thinking about it… But that’s the powers of the pork.

My mate Bushy (or “the friend formerly known as Jess”) suggests that bacon should be a compulsory start to the everyday, its euphoric qualities could be likened to a happy pill of sorts. Now bushy isn’t known for talking a whole heap of sense most of the time, but when it comes to pork, she’s on the money.

The pig will definitely be on my ark. Actually many different pigs would be on my ark; Berkshire, Wessex…

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