Byron Beach Cafe

Byron Beach Cafe… the very last breakfast of my holidays

Yes, we are back in ol’ Byron town. Home of everything hippy, happy, holistic and often hellishly hippy-critical.

The last two weeks have been an absolute blast and now, all of sudden the holiday is over. Two weeks of lovely, beautiful holidays are done. It’s like a good friend has just dropped me off at the bus stop, and I know only too well that it will be months before we meet again. The walls of this padded cell have crumbled, revealing the course of integration back into what society deems necessary for the average Joe to get by; work, school lunches, bathing, cleaning the house… but all with damn good food, fun times and a couple of midget sex slaves thrown in to soften the blow! So suck my ass society, I’m still having a blast!

All of the good stuff went down on these holidays, including eating, drinking, sight seeing, bushwalking and (almost embarassingly) me getting my absolute bitch on and shopping like a woman who just come home to discover her husband in bed with the maid and then snorted his stash of cocaine and headed into town with his credit card. I bought it all; shoes, shirts, jeans, hats… nothing was safe from my credit card. Not a sale rack from Iluka to Montville escaped the belly of my “clean and green” reusable shopping bag.

I was a poster boy for consumerism.

I was a whore.

I feel dirty… want to touch me?

Well you can’t. I’ve got to do one more thing before these holidays are done. One more breakfast with my lady and then we can call it quits. I shall admit myself on a joint alcohol and an “exsessive white man consumption of food” rehab program. It shall not be the most fun time of my life but I’m sure I will get through with the love of my family and the support of my readers… well, maybe just one more cracking dinner and another bottle of wine or two first…

For our last breakfast we chose stalwarts of the local food scene, “Byron Beach Café”.

We left plenty early. This is some low cloud down the road from our house
We left home plenty early. This is some low cloud down the road from our house
Rancho rah rah
Rancho rah rah
More rancho rah rah
More rancho rah rah
Smoked trout salad goodness
Smoked trout salad goodness and cracking Byron Bay Coffee
The view is worth at least a million bucks or probably more
The view is worth at least a million bucks or probably more

Immediately we experienced a problem. The menu stated one of the breakfast dishes was served with “mollet” eggs (french for soft). Jennee deducted five points for wankiness straight up. BAM! All was forgiven though, when we received our effing good tasting coffees (Byron Bay Coffee) and today’s juice special; cranberry, apple, lime and mint, or something close to that. That really does sound like a good combo anyway.

Carry on.

I had the Mexican rancho eggs, chorizo, avocado, smoky paprika capsicum sauce, piadina bread, and that is exactly what I got. It delivered on everything it said it would and it was all done really well. I asked and they delivered. That’s how it should be when you go out to eat!

Jen had smoked river trout, lemon dill crème fraiche, salmon roe and pumpernickel (but had gluten free toast instead of the pumpernickel), this is what she had to say about that; “The rocket is the star of the show in this dish… maybe it should have had a mention on the menu… there is a lot of rocket. It may have been better named smoked trout and rocket salad with other good shit and toast… don’t forget the toast. It was all good but I would have preferred it as a salad for lunch. The coffee was really good. Fulfilled all my start-the-day hopes and dreams. I had two of those… I am definitely not as funny as Grazza”

5 responses to “Byron Beach Cafe”

  1. Hahaaaaa! Now I’m imagining eggs with mullets driving utes (I do realise it was ‘mollet’ not ‘mullet’, but I’m Aussie so I’m a freaking lost cause!). LOVE the look of that Mexican breakfast. I do agree that there’s a lot of green stuff on Jen’s plate of rocket (oh, I mean smoked trout) but it’s beautifully presented and the GF toast actually looks light rather than cardboardy. Sorry to hear that your holiday’s come to an end. Glad that you had a blast though!

  2. Indeed the view worths a million dollars. So beautiful scene. The brekkie looks divine too, esp the egg. The additjon of the salmon roe would make the salad more tasty. Lucky you!

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