Town Cafe, Bangalow


It’s been a while since we’ve ventured into the multi award winning Town Café. Seriously. This place gets an award for something at least a couple of times a year. Their last accolades came from the “Delicious Magazine Produce Awards” in the form of the award for best use of local produce by a restaurant. Pretty good effort I say. Oh, did I mention that one half of the husband wife team that run/own this place is Katerina Kanetani, ex pastry chef at Pier when it was a three hat experience, and the very same Katerina Kanetani who in 2007 became the first pastry chef to take out the  “SMH Good Food Guide Chef of the year”. Husband Karl has also cooked at a heap of great restaurants including Tetsuya’s in Sydney. These guys are the cream of the crop, as the saying goes (not that it really makes any sense to me). They are the blue ribbon bull at the local show (now that makes sense to me). They are the kid who has just found his dad’s porno collection (more sense). They are winning

Now with the whole “top of your game winning heaps of awards” scenario comes the expectations. Expectations of a great meal, great coffee, great service and the great wall of china… maybe not the wall, but there are expectations to be sure.

The court yard
The court yard

So we wander in, immediately running into to a few old friends. That’s always nice but really has nothing to do with this story. The place is full out the front so we head straight to the back courtyard dining area. We have this little patio to our selves, and I dare say this has more to do with the close to zero temperature and not so much to do with our pet carnie’s outrageous body odour. This was certainly a nice change.

Straight up, the staff were attentive. Even though we were the only people out back the waitress still paid us every second of attention we were due. They were happy and looked like they were genuinely enjoying themselves… and not because they were drunk or taking prescription medications of dubious origins. I like places like that.

The coffee was fantastic. No probs there at all.

My initial glace over the menu left me feeling like it needed a little something more. There was nothing jumping out at me. Nothing punching in the face with it’s “eat me now” fist. Nothing begging me to supple it’s ample bosom or… or… where am I?

Town Café! That’s right.

Porridge with apricots, cranberry, chia seed, barley and honey $13.50
Porridge with apricots, cranberry, chia seed, barley and honey $13.50

Jennee ordered the porridge, which was absolutely cracking. Oats, barley, chia seed, dried fruit deliciousness. And it seemed like it would probably be quite good for you too. I dove head first in to the home made baked beans with pork and pepper sausage and sour dough toast. The toast was great. I think I have mentioned before that I am a fan of char grilled toast for breakfast. The sausage was great also. Made by local guys “Hayters Hill” it was damn tasty, peppery goodness. My only qualm about the sausage is there was only one of them and it wasn’t huge, and we all know there is nothing worse then being left yearning for more tasty sausage. Which brings me to the beans. They lacked the depth flavour (sounds wanky I know but I’ve got nothing else…) of slowly oven-baked beans and tasted more like quickly cooked stovetop beans. And there was some lettuce on the plate which had defo seen better days.

Home "Town" bake dbeans on sourdough toast with Hayters Hill pork and black pepper sausage $15.50
Home “Town” baked beans on sourdough toast with Hayters Hill pork and black pepper sausage $15.50

As I paid the bill I couldn’t help but notice a pile of friands, right there in front of my face daring me to eat them. Calling me a pussy. Taunting me. Saying that I have a stupid face. So I just ordered a couple of those little suckers and let my face retaliate by eating the shit out of them. They were delicious. Pussy indeed…

Worth a go, even if it’s just for the coffee and cakes, but I think the real eating starts when this place opens it’s upstairs dining area at night, aptly named Uptown, with a seven course degustation menu to be not to be messed with.

12 responses to “Town Cafe, Bangalow”

  1. LOL. Yeah. I expect she’ll definitely know you wrote that from the bottom of your heart 😉
    And you are wrong. There is defo something a lot worse than a yearning for more sausage…remember it’s the size that counts!

    Anyway. I’ve also been in a very well acclaimed restaurant (yes! they let me in) at lunch and it was a bit of a let down. It’s almost like they are expected to be open so they might as well chuck something on a plate. It’s nothing compared to their dinner service.
    Man I miss dining al fresco in Aus 😦

    Happy Anniversary! Mine is in two days as well

  2. I like how they lay the sausage in that nice little nest of greens… like it’s gone out to pasture or something. Looks like a nice chunk of meat though. I do love me some good sausage.
    Re Jennee’s muesli/oat consumption – she’s too darn healthy for her own good! It’s making me feel like I should really order more ‘delicate and womanly’ breakfasts whilst at cafes, rather than scoffing down plates of bacon with extra bacon. And toast. There’s gotta be good, charred toast. Anyway, I forgot to add the congratulations on to your last post for eight years of good communication – happy anniversary G and J! Here’s to many more oat and bean breakfasts in the sunshine!!

  3. The two owners used to come into the pub between 8:30 and 8:45 every week on either a sunday or monday and little wispers would go through the pub saying they were a pretty big deal but no one knew exactly who they were, just made the connection today! They’d order fish and chips every time, hands down.

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