Monday dinner

Monday dinner…SAMSUNG CSC

I had some confit duck marylands plus a few other things lying around so we had duck with white nectarine and cabbage salad, fondant sweet potato and tamarind caramel.


Mondays are rough.


’nuff said.

16 responses to “Monday dinner”

  1. Casting nasturtians I see!
    That looks mighty good.
    Your cornichons are ready. . .

    1. Thank you my friend. Maybe a home produce dinner is due? Yes, let’s do that…

  2. It must be tough living in your house! I mean who in the world would want a restaurant quality meal EVERY day? Looks amazing as always!

    1. Thankyou. It is tough indeed 🙂

  3. Are you joking me?! This is ridiculous. Unacceptable to have such beautiful presentation, such a rich meal, and beautifully prepared flavor palette. What are those little leaves called?

    1. They are nasturtian leaves – slightly bitter and peppery. Thanks heaps for your kind words 🙂

  4. Que maravilla!!!!!
    Felicidades por el blog, es muy bonito.

  5. Oh man that is good stuff! I read it fast the first time and thought it ended with ‘tamarind camel’ hehehe
    great name for a band 🙂

    1. Or maybe a bar… Or maybe not…

  6. And BTW, I’m so jealous of all your summery looking posts. We are currently at -27C. It’s fucking freezing.

    1. I’m jealous of the way you just got fucking into that comment :)! Hot as heck out here… 34C today I think. I was sweating, that I know for sure.

      1. and the alliteration 🙂
        ahhhh, I miss 34!! I don’t know why we ever left Aus. stupid stupid stupid.

        1. It’s good if you live by the beach… Or have a pool… Not so good in the restaurant kitchen. But beer cures that one!

  7. Who else has freaking confit marylands just laying about?! Looks amazing. Love the tamarind caramel and those nasturtium leaves… such elegant, refined presentation. Who would’ve guessed that a fucking potty mouth made it? bahaa… just kidding Graz my man! 😉

    1. I’ll take that back handed compliment. And the duck? The perils of being a chef huh…

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