Bacon, corn and herb stuffing for your roast chicken… or pervy bedroom antics (it is Valetines Day after all)

Nothing wrong with that
Nothing wrong with that

First of all Happy Valentines Day. Secondly, whatever.

The kids have decided that they want roast chicken for dinner tonight, which is just fine with me.

You must know how to roast a chook by now so I shall spare you the insult to your intelligence, although I’m sure I’ll say something soon enough that will make up for this moment of compassion. Today we will concentrate on the stuffing aka. The tasty shit you get inside the local greasy spoon rotisserie chook.

Stuffing is plenty easy, made delicious with a bit of smoky bacon (but let’s be honest, what isn’t made better with smoky bacon-y goodness) and some herbs from your garden. If you don’t have a herb garden yet all I can say is that you clearly don’t listen to anything I say and don’t deserve delicious roast chicken… and you are simple. There, that should make up for the tenderness I showed you earlier.

The offending stuffing
The offending stuffing
Straight up the chook's wrong un
Straight up the chook’s wrong un
Have a little rest choosy. You deserve it
Have a little rest chooky. You deserve it
Carve it up and serve it with roast vegetables and a nice pan gravy
Carve it up and serve it with roast vegetables and a nice pan gravy
Oh yes
Oh yes

2 rashers bacon, diced
½ brown onion, diced
1 cob of sweet corn, kernels stripped and searched for contraband… and possibly corny jokes? I know. Really, really bad…
1 handful mixed herbs; I have parsley, sage and rosemary from the garden. Thyme would be good if you have some
½ cup breadcrumbs
1 egg
• Sauté onion and bacon until onion is soft and translucent
• Add corn remove from heat. Toss to warm through slightly. Leave to cool
• Combine all ingredients and mix thoroughly
• Check seasoning
• Stuff it up the wrong un of your once happily free-ranging chicken. There is no delicate way to perform this task so get your hand right in there. If you have any leftover stuffing whack that in the pan half way through cooking. It still tastes like damn good tasting shit
• Roast it up
• Rest for 10 minutes
• Carve and eat
• The stuffing goes really well in a leftover roast chicken sandwich with homemade mayo. Ha, the Mayo Nazi strikes again!!!

Here is a secret tip; before you roast your chook rub it with oil, salt, pepper and a few breadcrumbs for extra crunch. Jennee’s not around at the mo’ so I’m happily breading the shit out of everything

8 responses to “Bacon, corn and herb stuffing for your roast chicken… or pervy bedroom antics (it is Valetines Day after all)”

  1. I love homemade mayo. So different to that cloying jarred stuff from the supermarket, ugh! I can definitely imagine that chicken and stuffing in a sandwich with lashings of mayo. Yum. By the way, the whole meal looks a-freaking-mazing. I’d be very happy to eat that any day of the week (your kids are darn lucky!). Happy Valentines, WHERE IS JENNEE?? Are you romancing the crumbs instead?!?

    • Romancing the crumbs indeed my friend. Me and the boys are still in Iluka for the week for a father son type get away. Teaching them to hunt and shit like that :). Eating damn well too. You should defo come to this place if you make it over…

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