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Simply brilliant simple chorizo, rogue cherry tomato and herb pasta


If you pay attention to the words that are printed on these new age electronic enviro-friendly, paper-free pages, you may remember me stating that I would be cleansing my body over this month. So you could imagine my food consumption may have simplified dramatically. As I am purging my physical being and soul of impurities, I have no room in my diet for fatty, meaty, buttery, cheesey goodness. Plenty of fruit, nuts, rice with stir-fried vegetables, salads and Asian vegetable soup all on repeat until body and mind have repented for their sins and chi is in alignment with Jupiter… I very clearly have no idea what is going on here.

Tonight we have to some extent strayed from the course a little, I little off the track, venturing into the bold unknown (and no. Not one of these are euphemisms) with this cracking pasta. Yes, we tossed the map of the country we shall call extra-healthy-and-well-being-place. We threw that map fair out of the car window, hooked a hard left and followed the dirt track to damn-tasty-dinner-county. Hell yeah!

My youngest son, Obi, wanted pasta like the cheap hooker wants the penicillin, and quite frankly he didn’t need to hire a high class lawyer with many fancy diagrams and big words to pound his argument into me. I was very easily convinced that a slight detour past the recently implemented safe distance from health and rejuvenation might be a good idea tonight. I fricking well wanted pasta too. Man cannot live on a bowl of rice a day forever… although I guess a million Philippine factory workers can’t be wrong…

This is another pasta dish that is literally child’s play. My son made this and he is seven years old. All I needed to do were the things that required “big hands”, like cooking the pasta and… well that was about it actually. All you need is someone to cook the pasta and you could make this too.

The rogue cherry tomato bush that is now providing us with a heap of cherry tomatoes every day

The rogue cherry tomato bush that is now providing us with a heap of cherry tomatoes every day

Obi grating the parmesan, after he chopped the sausage

Obi grating the parmesan, after he chopped the sausage

Toss it all together in the pan

Toss it all together in the pan

You will not be disappointed with this… unless, of course, you are allergic to chorizo… then you will most likely hate this

You will not be disappointed with this… unless, of course, you are allergic to chorizo… then you will most likely hate this

The really good thing about using a cured sausage in a simple pasta dish is the chorizo is full of garlic and spices and pork so it provides a kick-ass flavour base for quick and easy week night cooking. Hell yeah!

250-300g spaghetti, cooked by someone with “big hands”
2 chorizo sausage, sliced
2 punnets (400g-ish) cherry tomatoes, from the cherry tomato plant you found running rampant in your backyard
2 handfuls of fresh herbs (Whatever you have in your garden. Any combination of parsley, basil, mint and oregano will do the trick), chopped or torn
Some chopped fresh chilli or dried chilli flakes if you want a bit of extra spice
A splash of white wine if you have some lying around in the fridge, not really pulling it’s weight…
Grated parmesan to serve
• Sauté chorizo, with a little olive oil, for 3 minutes or until it has started to release it’s sexy oily red juices
• Add tomatoes, chilli and a pinch of salt and pepper and cook out for another 3 minutes or so, until tomatoes start to blister and collapse
• Deglaze with wine and then add pasta and herbs. Toss to combine. Check seasoning
• Serve with a bit of grated parmesan

This pasta dish would be a happy home for some prawns or crayfish or squid or chicken. A very happy and caring home indeed.

Foodisthebestshitever – promoting easy-tasty every day!

25 comments on “Simply brilliant simple chorizo, rogue cherry tomato and herb pasta

  1. Married in Marrickville says:

    Who wouldn’t love Chorizo! I’m obsessed with it at the moment :o)
    Looks frigen yummo!
    Love MIM xx

    1. Thank you very much my friend. Twas indeed delicious!

  2. laurasmess says:

    Ha. I love this with the same love that I have for everything you create… freaking bucketloads. A simple but perfect combination of flavours. Glad that Obi’s learning the skills early… learning from the master, too! Looks delicious Graz.

    1. Why thank you Laura… it’s always nice to get good comments from my favourite blogland friend! That kid is learning to pull his weight nice and early… should help when trying to swoon the ladies :).

      1. laurasmess says:

        Naw, favourite?? You’re too kind Graz! I need to get my ass over to Byron so I can visit you, Jennee and the Brookfarm peeps. We need to have that burger-off!!! (but possibly when you’ve re-established your beer affinity; might be a bit less awesome having a burger-off with lemonade)

      2. Yep. Git yer ass over here for sure. Do it. Do it now. There will be beer back in my fridge soon enough…

  3. That looks pretty darn healthy to me. You don’t want your family to fade away to vegan skin and bones 😀

    1. Agreed! It certainly wasn’t unhealthy, that’s for sure!

  4. LFFL says:

    That looks like something I could have for dinner tonight.

    1. Or any night! Get some in your face!

    1. That it was my friend. Cheers!

  5. This is one of my favourite ‘go to’ meals! I like it because it has no real sauce, just chorizo and tomato juices. mmmm
    We eat ours with gnocchi and heaps of parmesan 🙂

    1. Mmmm gnocchi… I might make some at work today…

      1. that sounds like a good plan…potato or sweet potato?

      2. Potato for sure…. maybe with some slow roasted lamb, olives and capers… mmm

      3. smoked salmon, lemon Beurre blanc, capers.

  6. Oh my! This one kills me. It’s perfect and I must copy it. Your “toss it all together in the pan shot” is incredible. Hope the purging is going well…it’s good every now and then isn’t it?

    1. Hells yeah. It certainly keeps one honest!!

  7. Amanda says:

    This is beautiful. So great that you have that gorgeous vine in your yard. I always love chorizo.

    1. These cherry tomato bushes pop up all over the place. Mostly thanks to the chooks I think! Chorizo is one of my all time faves… and the kids love it too so it’s winning all round!

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