Foxy Bean Café (not Gunshop Cafe)


Foxy Bean Café, Wooloongabba

Normally when we stay in Brisbane, we will venture out to Gunshop Café for a coffee or two and a good breakfast. But on this trip this would not be the case. It was time for a change and a new culinary adventure would be under taken.

It was decided after much deliberation (and believe me, there was a lot of deliberation) that our destination would be Foxy Bean Café. The menu looked good and it had a cool name… what more could one want?

Seba wasn't too phased by the coffee
Seba wasn’t too phased by the coffee

We sat ourselves down in the garden type set-up out the back. This sort of spot is always a bonus when you have kids. First up it was a Genovese coffee… and it didn’t disappoint. So we ordered some more. That’s a fine start to the day and a win for any breakfast joint.

Obi and my mate Micky ordered the “Bacon and egg toastie” ($10). It was served with smoked tomato chutney on a light rye bap, which to my brains means it is a bacon and egg roll, or even a bacon and egg burger… but not a toastie. Nevertheless it was a decent bacon and egg roll, both protagonists were happy with their choice.

Pretty menus
Pretty menus

Seba, who is eating his way into a beast of an 8-year-old, chose “The Business” ($19). Scrambled eggs, bacon, chorizo, tomato, field mushroom, smoked tomato chutney and sourdough toast… and even came close to eating it all by himself. This would be a $22+ breakfast down our way, so this was a win for the common man.

The business
The business

As a direct result of Sebas breakfast choice, Jennee chose “Crushed and seasoned avocado” ($9) with smoked tomato chutney (they seem to be pretty impressed with this chutney because it appears on just about every breakfast… but not the muesli. No, no, no) and gluten-free instead of the regular spelt toast. It was crushed avo on toast, which is what you would expect from something described as it was. Jennee thought she would be getting a lot more left overs from Seba… and she ended up with a little extra… but not a lot. First world problems right there.

The bushmans benny
The bushmans benny

I had the “Bushmans Benny” ($17), which was quoted as being “awesome” on the menu. This was a bit of a foray from the norm for me as, well, it was a Benny… Or a take on a Benny… It had hollandaise for sure which is usually enough to scare me off like two for one voucher and free penicillin at the local “gentleman’s parlour”. But in this case those poached eggs and hollandaise were sharing a bed with my old friends and cohorts; the savoury mince and chipotle pulled pork. Yes, both of them. I found it hard to say no. In fact, I found it impossible to say no, so instead of sitting there causing a strange uncomfortable silence, I said yes! It was worth every cent of those seventeen dollars. A fat mound of pulled pork and beef mince on toast with a couple of nicely poached eggs and a good hollandaise sauce. I couldn’t fault it. I left the place rubbing my belly (but not trying to pat my head at the same time because that just looks plain silly), with a smile on my face and in need of a long walk to get that meal through my system.

This place was no Gunshop Café. They are a little less flairy on the plate and maybe don’t have quite as many bohemian hipsters in the place as Gunshop, but they are also a little cheaper and good value for money for good food and coffee.

Very nice indeed. Give it a bash if you’re in the neighbourhood.

Then it was off to GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) to get our tub of yoghurt on. A bit of culture, you know?

21 responses to “Foxy Bean Café (not Gunshop Cafe)”

  1. Savoury mince and chipotle pulled pork is genius!

    Since I’ve been unwell, I’m not supposed to eat cured and salty meats like sausages and bacon, I thought I was doomed to start eating vegetarian breakfasts. Life as I know it, would be over.

    I never considered mince or pulled pork for breakfast. Damn, now I can’t stop thinking about a pulled pork breakfast burrito. If it’s not “a thing”, I’m making “a thing”.

  2. Ummm…remember me?!?! I may not post much these days but you are certainly not forgotten my friend. The Bushmans Benny all the way – must remember this place when I’m in Brisbane in July 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh, that bushman’s breaky looks incredible. Cannot believe they give you BOTH pulled pork and savoury mince (with runny eggs, big yay right there). Aaron would cry tears of joy if he saw that on a menu. As for Jennee’s choice? My absolute favourite breakfast with the exception of the tomato chutney (I’d probably give that right on over to Seba and his mighty appetite… and ask for feta and some chive or lemon oil).

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