Some people do actually listen to us…

Look at this.

Sometimes people do actually listen to us and go forth and make kick-ass food for their brethren to enjoy, thus rocketing to the top of the local “Cool Kids” charts like a mother effing bullet.

Just saying…

If you need something to read you can find the actual recipe here.

7 responses to “Some people do actually listen to us…”

  1. Isn’t it just the most awesome feeling ever when you realize someone actually listens to you?
    And actually tries one of your recipes??
    Fucking awesome!
    But I mean, can you blame them?
    You continuously make the best shit – they were bound to listen 😀

  2. Whoop woop! Soooo awesome! I totally know what you mean – so great to think that people are actually getting their cooking equipment out and getting stuck in! Haha – another thought – you’re gradually turning people potty-mouthed by hashtagging your recipes…! 😂

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