Pork with kimchi – your new favourite pork and cabbage dish

Pork and cabbage is now, and has always been, a very appealing combination for me. Most people I know are not really phased by the humble old cabbage, but I am truly in love with it. Add some kind of pork product and that is my kind of ménage a trois. Pork ribs with slaw, pork and cabbage stir fry, smoked hotdog with sauerkraut, choucroute garni, pork and cabbage rolls and now this; pork with kimchi. Can you imagine anything better? I’m pretty sure you can’t.

The kimchi really does bring a good flavour to this one.

There is nothing else to explain really.


(serves 4 or more when part of a banquette)

500 g pork mince
500 g kimchi
1 bunch gai lan (Chinese broccoli), cut into 2 cm pieces – any stalks thicker than your finger can be cut down the middle
½ bunch shallots (scallions)
4 cloves garlic, crushed
1 teaspoon cracked black pepper
1 tablespoon oyster sauce
½ – 1 tablespoon fish sauce
Vegetable oil
Coriander, fried garlic and sliced shallots for garnish
Lao Gan Ma crispy chilli oil to serve
Egg noodles or rice to serve

Firstly, you can slice ¾ of the shallots into 2 cm pieces from the white end up. Slice the remaining shallots thinly for garnish.
Heat a wok or large pan over a high heat. Add a splash of oil and then crumble pork mince in. Give it a bit of a stir and try to break it up with the side of the spoon.
Once pork is starting to brown a little, add garlic, pepper, thick cut shallots and stalky bits of the gai lan. Fry for two minutes or so, tossing regularly.
Add kimchi and leafy gai lan and fry for another minute or two.
Add oyster sauce and ½ tablespoon of fish sauce and toss to combine. Fry for another minute.
Check seasoning – this is where you may need a bit more fish sauce, but that will also depend on how salty your kimchi is. You’ll work it out. You know how to taste stuff, right?
Place some heated egg noodles or rice into a bowl, top with a pile of your new favourite pork and cabbage combo, top that with remaining sliced shallots, fried garlic and coriander. Add a bit of crispy chilli oil if you like a little heat.
Eat that in your face.

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