Two Jalepeno Condiments Sitting on a Wall. One Named Peter, One Named Paul

Two jalepeno condiments that would go quite nicely on the table at your next Mexican fiesta.


1 cup jalapeños with a little liquid, remove stalks and rough chop

1 bunch coriander, washed, rough chop

1 cup cornichons or dill pickles, rough chop

½ red onion, diced


  • Pulse* ingredients in a food processer or dice finely.
  • Combine it all in a bowl with a splash of olive oil.
  • Eat it on you favourite mexican food, stir through salsas or my favourite application (yeah. I get my words de jour from my rash cream), smash on a sandwich with pickled pork, gruyere cheese, aioli and rocket.

Translated into Spanish…
1 taza jalapeños con un poco de líquido, quite tallos y chuleta áspera
1 cilantro de manojo, chuleta lavada, áspera
1 taza cornichons o escabeches de eneldo
½ cebolla roja, jugó a los dados
• Pulse* ingredientes en un alimento processer o dados sutilmente.
Los · Combinan todo esto en un tazón con un chapoteo del aceite de oliva.
Los · Lo comen en usted alimento mejicano favorito, movimiento por salsas o mi aplicación favorita (sí. Consigo mis palabras de jour de mi crema imprudente), la rotura en un sánduche con carne de cerdo escabeche, queso de queso gruyére, aioli y cohete.

And back to English. That will be the last time, I promise. Well, maybe…
1 cup jalapeños with little liquid, remove stems and rough chop
1 coriander of bunch, washed, rough chop
1 cornichons cup or marinades of dill
½ red onion, it played the given ones
• Pulse* ingredients in a food processer or given subtlely.
• Combine theirs all this in a bowl with a splash of the olive oil.
• Them · Mexican favorite food, movement eat It in you for sauces or my favorite application (yes. I obtain my words of jour of my imprudent cream), the break in a sandwich with pork marinade, cheese of Gruyère cheese, aioli and rocket.

And another salsa for your face to enjoy…


1 400g-ish tin tomatillos, drained
1 cup jalapeños, remove stalks, rough chop
1 bunch coriander, washed, rough chop
½ red onion, diced
• Pulse all ingredients into a very coarse puree.
• Same as the other one, bowl, olive oil, mix, yadda yadda yadda.
• As with most of the food I will tell you about, don’t be afraid to change the ratios of any ingredient in either of these recipes. Power to the people.

*pulse. When you pulse ingredients in a food processor you do not turn it on and walk away. You give it short, intermittent bursts of power so you don’t end up with a puree, but retain a bit of the integrity of the ingredients.

Queenie wants a rub down. part 1

‘Hey grazza I just got a kenwood food processer for my Bday and if has a glass mill, but I think it is more like a spice grinder, so have you got a spice recipe for lamb or chicken maybe some sort of rub I can put on a roast chicken. And a jus that will go with it. Unless the red wine jus from last week will go with it then I’ll make it again.

Cheers bo


Firstly, I’m gonna excuse the bad spelling and grammar in this one Queenie

a) Because it’s your birthday

b) I really think you are trying, and

3) I’m not much good at that shit myself


I have numerous “rubs” you could put on a “piece of chicken”. Each “rub” is 100 percent guaranteed to get a “result”. The clean up is a bit of bitch though… probably better to lay a bit of plastic down…


So to be absolutely honest and serious, (basically just how I’ve been since we met… Oh, it seems like an eternity ago. How we’ve laughed and cried, and that time I laughed at you when you were crying. Such fun…) there’s not many things more enjoyable in life then giving a piece of meat a good rub… I can’t help it… I’m sorry. Let’s move on…


So I’m guessing you want a dry rub if you want to use your new fangled spice grinder. So what about a Moroccan-esque spiced chicken or lamb, a pilaf which I am sure I have told you about before, pan juices (or jus gras*, if you want), and let’s make a labne.


To make the labne

Labne is a yoghurt cheese of middle eastern origins. The yoghurt is placed in a sieve or colander lined with muslin cloth or a paper filter or a clean chux will do the job. It is then ‘hung’ for at least 24 to 48 hours so the whey drains off and a thick, condensed yoghurt cheese remains.

Don’t be tempted to push the labne through the filter, let it do it’s thing in it’s own good time… trust me here.


1kg greek yoghurt

1 clove garlic, crushed

1 lemon, juice & zest

1 Tbls thyme, pick & chop

4 Tbls mint, pick & chop


mixed dried herbs to coat


Combine all ingredients except the dried herbs, hang in fridge for at least 24 hrs (over a bucket or something to collect the whey. Or this is gonna be one messy little adventure),.

If the labne is nice and solid, roll into small balls unless you are clever enough to quenelle, in which case do that, and roll through the dried herbs to coat. If is not thick and solid leave it for another day…


Do that now and I will get back to you with the spice rub later… go now. Are you waiting for a good-bye kiss??




*jus gras. Literally fatty juices. The yummy stuff in the bottom of the pan when you make a roast.