Still no celebration for the blogiversary, but some damn fine stuffed peppers

pork stuffed peppers
As I stated in my last post about the third year blogiversary of foodisthebestshitever, I forgot about my blog’s birthday.

I was not a good father and I did not shower my blog with neither love nor presents.

I needed to redeem myself. I told Jennee about the birthday and figured she would sort the celebrations for sure. Jennee really loves organizing a good party!

No sooner had I spoken of the birthday then Jennee was in her car and headed to the local shopping center. I pictured her returning with decorations, possibly a cake and card, and party hats… definitely flamboyant, mardi gras style party hats.

Alas, Jennee did not return with cake, party decorations and a large novelty card featuring a picture of an overweight older lady and a poodle in a beachside setting, but instead came home from the fruit and veg market with a few of these banana peppers (Well, the label said they were banana peppers anyways so I had no choice but to believe, because those labels are like the 4am American TV avangelist to me and quite frankly need to be believed). Fine. No birthday celebration and another nomination for bad blog father of the year, but we did have banana peppers!

Using the word pepper is something that does cause me a little grief though, as pepper is what an American would call a capsicum. Now I am totally fine with that, but in Australia pepper is a damn tasty little black, grey or red pod we grind onto our steak, and then we have capsicum and chillis. This whole pepper thing just confuses the issue for me, but I’m sure I have confused many issues all over the pages of this blog and in turn confused many a man from prince to pauper. Right now for example, I am so confused I have totally forgotten my name and where I live.

What the hell?

I used Borrowdale pork rump as you may be able to see… they didn't pay me to say that PS
I used Borrowdale pork rump as you may be able to see… they didn’t pay me to say that PS

Get the stuffing sorted
Get the stuffing sorted
The banana peppers
The banana peppers
Get it in there
Get it in there

Looking snug as fuck… now it's time for the oven
Looking snug as fuck… now it’s time for the oven


750g pork rump, hand minced
1 brown onion, diced
2 cloves garlic, chopped
3 anchovies, chopped
A few sprigs of parsley, chopped
A sprig of rosemary, chopped
A sprig of sage, chopped
150g chevre, feta or ricotta
8-10 banana peppers or whatever you call them where you come from. Have a look a the pic
2x 400g tins crushed tomatoes

• Soften the onions in a pan (probably put a little heat under it and even a little oil in it…) with the garlic and anchovies. Let it cool a little
• Combine everything except the peppers and tomato and mix until just combined
• Cut the tops off of the peppers and slice them down the side. Tap or scrape the seeds out
• Stuff the pork mix into the peppers
• Pour tomato into a baking dish and lay the peppers down all comfy like. Give them a bit of a splash of olive oil to get them really snug
• Bake at 180C for 45 minutes
• Serve that shit with sauerkraut or something that you feel is appropriate, spoon sauce over the top and load it up with parmesan cheese if you’re keen

Prepare your faces for some more French Alps inspired love from my fellow lover of food and friend of small furry animals, Paul from Paul’s Caul… who is coincidently not me, just in case you were wondering…

the farmers market



As of next week I am going to start a weekly farmers market recipe post from my local farmers markets. I am in the Northern Rivers NSW so it may not be applicable to where you are but it’ll be a crackin’ read anyway. So keep your face peeled….


Farmers market is not a dirty word. Or words.


Farmers markets are a great way to shop. You support your local community, low food miles (the distance it travels to get to you, if you couldn’t work that one out for yourself), artisan producers and quite often free-range and organic produce.

It is also not uncommon to see unsual or uncommon items… or it’s quite common to see uncommon items… duck sausages, okra, three legged chickens, water spinach, banana blossom, dutch cream potatoes, goats cheese and hobbit-like dwarves selling Fleetwood Mac tickets are all available at my local farmers market at the moment. Not really sure what the hobbit people are all about, though. And they always seem to have fantastic bread, fruit and vegetables, pork, seafood and some other shite.


Get in there and give it a go. I’ll be the guy pushing into the queue behind you. Say hi.

So, a little etiquette for shopping at a farmers market.

  1. Take cash. Most market stalls will not have eftpos. The are farmers ok? They find it hard enough to scrape a livelihood together without having to buy a wireless eftpos machine.
  2. Don’t look for shopping trollies. There are none. You couldn’t push it around the grass or dodgy carpark someone kindly donated to hold this thing on. Bring your own bag to pile full of goodies. You got something knitted from dessert camel’s fur bring it. The hippier the better.
  3. If a sausage is an odd shape, or a loaf of bread a little crusty, it is not actually odd or crusty. It’s artisan. That’s the thing with small producers – they don’t have a massive production line, or feed lots etc, so it can be a little harder to get a consistant product. And it can be a hard thing to come to terms with, especially as a chef. But if the product is good….
  4. The best before date is usually a bit shorter because of the lack of preservatives, and the bacon and ham make look a little greyer then you’re used to, but that’s because it doesn’t have any sodium nitrate* in it. These are all good things, by the way.
  5. PS. They don’t have big glossy sales.
  6. PPS. You don’t get flybys or everyday rewards either.


*sodium nitrate. Apparently used to prevent botulism but is very bad for you. But so is botulism.