pauls caul (as in caul fat)… nope. i gotta do better than that.

Obviously Pauly’s segment again… I’m gonna think of a heaps sick name I just know it. Unless one of you guys can do it. Send them in. There’s a prize involved for true.

Granita… I want to eat her!!


Well if by granita you really mean Megan Fox, then yes I’m sure you all agree. But that’s only because you probably haven’t got to know granita’s well enough….

What is a granita?

What do you serve it with?

How do I make it?

What do you mean by eat her?

I will endeavor to answer at least 3 of those 4 questions right now.

Granita is by definition simply an Italian semi frozen dessert consisting of water, sugar and various flavorings…. but my old friend Graeme and I really don’t like things to be defined as it stops you people and ourselves from thinking out side the box…and that’s where all the good shit happens.

So my very own definition is semi frozen liquid with either sugar or salt or both, I know that doesn’t look to different from the first one…but in mine it doesn’t have to be water it could be fruit juice, alcohol, vinegar literally any liquid you want and further more it doesn’t need to be sweet it can be salty, or my personal favorite sweet and salty (insert filthy joke here).

As for what you serve it with then that is an open-ended question, which is as endless as your imagination… I for instance today made the ‘Fiery Granita’ (which I will share the recipe for in a second) and other the next two weeks I will use it on at least 3 different dishes.

This highlights a few things…

  • Always make more of things that last
  • Experiment, experiment, experiment
  • I really love using point form

The ‘Fiery Granita” is a smoking hot chilli and orange ice that has a salty edge, this shit is amazing!!!

These are the three dishes I will use it in….

  1. Grey goose jelly, confit king prawns with a fiery granita
  2. Fresh oysters with a fiery granita
  3. Gazpacho jelly with a fiery granita

All of these will be served as entrée but I’ve served this granita with cooked salmon for a main accompanied by chargrilled watermelon, so the options are endless.

Fiery granita (makes a lot but it lasts a while)

190g red chillis

1.2 lt water

30g sea salt

240g castor sugar

180g sambal oelek

20g orange rind (and the juice from how ever many oranges it takes to get that much rind, usually 3-4)

process all ingredients together and freeze, making sure you run a fork through it every hour until its frozen…this will make the best crystals.

Other kinds of granita could be, cucumber, lime, coconut, lychee or whatever you l want to try….remember granita’s are as much about that different senses being used during the eating experience as they are about flavor injection.

See how east that is to make, now you have heaps of time to think about where you can use it…that brings me to the final unanswered question I DO NOT recommend using this particular granita in conjunction to eating her!!!


this is me in the italics. PS. the good ol’ fiery granita has been used by myself many times over the last few years, after first using it on a prawn cerviche (I believe (not, I BELIEVE)) in the kitchen with Pauly. And FYI I don’t always like to think outside ‘the box’. In fact sometime I really like my mind In the box… or my face… or something like that. I don’t think this was a sexual reference.

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