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Chilli condiments for Kuso


For Kus and his abundance of chillis

Short and sweet. Straight in and straight out. This is just a recipe for chilli jam. That’s all it is. No amusing anecdotes or humorous little musings about the world according to me.

Although… (I did try to get on with it and just do a recipe, but I just can’t do it. I need to learn how to shut up. I also need to teach my mouth to refrain from saying things until it has got the ‘all clear’ from my brain). Any way my friend Kate has got a pretty good set of legs and a nice ass I guess (I’m just trying to play it down a little cause she’s virtually married to one of my best friends’), and a local restaurant wanted to produce its own range of hot chilli and have a picture of her ass on it. Kate’s to classy for that sort of tacky shit, and they weren’t that keen on my ass, so that never happened.

Chalk up another pointless story to G. Yay for me.

Before you make stuff with an abundance of chillis, you need an abundance of chillis. So go and steal a heap of chilli’s from your neighbour’s chilli bush. A chilli bush looks like this…

OK. Now lets get loaded and make some chilli condiments.

This is good on burgers, terrine, cheese and stuff.
2 tins crushed tomatoes
6 long red chilli, deseed*, slice
1 brown onion, peeled, med dice
6 red capsicum, med dice
1 Tbls ginger, grated
5 cloves garlic, fine dice
500g brown sugar
100ml fish sauce
250ml red wine vinegar
• saute chilli, onion, capsicum, ginger and garlic until softened
• add sugar and cook out until starting to bubble and caramelise
• add tomatoes, fish sauce and vinegar
• simmer for 45(ish) minutes on med heat, until starting to thicken and bubble like lava

Dip chips in this one or just spread it on bread.
8 red capsicum, med dice
1 red onion, peeled, medium dice
1kg cherry or roma tomatoes
6 long red chilli, deseed*, slice
1 bunch each of mint, coriander and thai basil, picked
6 cloves garlic, fine dice
1 Tbls grated ginger
¾ cup fish sauce
2 cup palm sugar
• caramelise capsicum & onion
• all in except sugar & fish sauce, simmer 1-1.5 hrs
• add sugar & fish sauce, simmer 15 mins
• bubbling like lava? Yep
• blitz** & pass***

This is pretty hot but try a little bit in a curry or stirfry or rubbed on a steak or just with some steamed rice, fish sauce and crisp eshallots. Dericious.
500g long red chilli, rough chop
2 brown onion, peeled, medium dice
5 cloves garlic, fine dice
50ml fish sauce
½ cup palm or castor sugar
150ml rice vinegar
• cook out onion, garlic and chilli
• add all other ingredients and cook out for 15 min on low heat
• blitz**

*if you like a bit of spice in your life you should try this house just down the road from me. heaps of people go there and they all put their keys into a hat, and then… I mean, you can leave the seeds in. And add more chilli if you like it really hot

**be damn well careful when blitzing hot chilli sauces. Especially ones with heaps of sugar in them. That shit is going to let you no if it gets in your eye or on your wee-wee. Although you definitely shouldn’t be blitzing hot chilli sauce with your wee-wee out. And while I’m at it, don’t touch your pee-pee if you have chilli on your fingers. It effing well hurts like a bitch and that shit don’t wash off

***pass. No. this does not mean you get to move on to the next question. In the commercial kitchen it means you take your sauce, soup or stock and pass it through a sieve, so it is smooth and clear of impurities. Just like my speech

2 comments on “Chilli condiments for Kuso

  1. sybaritica says:

    Love the jam recipe!

    1. Great work. Try it out… you won’t be disappointed

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