…and then cheeses loves you again

…and then cheeses loves you again.

It’s nice when you can get a second meal out of your cheeses. It’s rewarding. Satisfying. It’s like getting sex again in the morning before your last nights’ one night stand can sneak out…

When you have cheese dinner (re: the post a couple back about cheese dinner) more often then not you have a few little skerrick’s of cheese left at the end of the night. If you have a cute little hobbit sex slave locked up in your basement, by all means give it to him/her. But I’m thinking they probably get fed enough “cheese” as it is, non? So my money is on cooking the leftover bits in a frittata or omelette.

This is just damn good, damn smart and damn awesome*. So simple and so damn effective. Eggs, a little cream, spring onion, chopped bacon and the leftover cheese.

I’m so proud of you right now. You’re stoked. Your friends are stoked. I’m so proud my mum would be proud of me being proud of you… CHEESE RULES.

I said get away from her you bitch!

*damn awesome. Stuff that can be compared to Sigourney Weaver in the cargo loader scene in Aliens. Damn awesome.

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