My big fat feasting long weekend part 3

Part three

The final installment of this gripping trilogy. Back home. Looking at my own bed that defo has a comfort factor of at least 9. Pretty happy about that.

There were burgers and home-made chips on the couch. Not actually on the couch but we ate them laying on the couch in our old man pajamas (Jennee and I have a matching set…), watching Aardman Animations “the Pirates”… Drinking more tasty awesome beer…

No sightings of Midnight Drunkard Barney’s Ghost. Just burgers and beer and the couch and bed.

That’s all I’ve got.

2 responses to “My big fat feasting long weekend part 3”

  1. After a day out today with the girls at Yarra Valley wineries (one named in my honour – Helen’s Hill) and a magnificent lunch of pork belly, I totally understand the comfy bed factor of nine…well done to a great long weekend 🙂

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