Jamie O’s Moroccan Mussels

I truly believe Jamie Oliver is a food legend. I used to think he was just an English prat on TV who likes to season his food from a height not unlike that of the empire state building, and talk a lot of English rubbish. Over the years I have come to realize he talks a lot of sense, has his heart in the right place, is trying to make a difference to the way the average family eats and likes to season food from a height not unlike that of the empire state building. I like the guy a lot. Not like, like like, but I like what he does.

And this is a recipe I saw on his 15 minute meals show which made me think (a little bit more than I usually do anyway). But I’m not sure what about…

Mussels. Cheap, quick, easy. Not unlike a Thai prostitute. Except this is about the well being of your family, not going home with a nasty disease and possibly a story to tell your mates about a girl with a penis.

I think everyone should eat mussels. Even if you don’t like them you should eat them just to show yourself you are not a bitch.

I love mussels. Not “I, love muscles”, like the movie “I, robot”. No. I LOVE MUSSELS.

So this recipe contains at least 18 (going out on a limb here) of my favorite things.
1 mussels
2 harissa
3 preserved lemon
4 mussels
5 creativity
6 coriander
7… 18 my ass. I should learn how to count

Harissa and tomato mussels
2kg fresh mussels, debearded
2 tablespoons harissa paste. Mmmm, harissa…
4 cloves garlic
1 drop rose water
1/4 preserved lemon, pith and flesh removed, diced
2 tins diced tomato
Pinch saffron
1 bunch coriander
• In a pot big enough to fit everything, cook out your harissa and garlic with a little oil
• Add everything else, except mussels and coriander, and bring to a simmer. Keep it going for a few minutes
• Now add the mussels and cover pot. Steam mussels for 5-6 minutes or until they are pretty much all open (you will always have a straggler or two), stirring or shaking the pot gently a couple of time during that process
• Stir through coriander
• As usual, mussels are to be consumed with a heap of crusty bread, wine and good company


To see the actual recipe follow this link. findityourself.whatamIyourmother.com

It’s all about the rock n roll babee.

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16 thoughts on “Jamie O’s Moroccan Mussels

  1. I hate it when I have to admit that someone I think is a bit of a wanker actually knows his shit…young Jamie has grown up and his food is good!…I love the addition of rose water in this – good stuff 🙂

  2. I think Jamie is pretty awesome. I always have, but then again, I am an English ex-pat. Admittedly, I thought his ‘luverly jubbly’ and other sayings were a bit ridiculous, but he’s always known his stuff. It’s also fantastic how he contributes so much to the community. Really genuine guy. Well, as much as I can tell from his TV series and books!
    Great recipe, despite it not having 18 ingredients. I’m just a tiny bit disappointed but I’ll get over it.

  3. This was amazing!! i was surprised of how easy it was to prepare something so delicious. I didn’t have any preserved lemon at hand, and I forgot to add the coriander at the end (silly me)… I’ll try it with those two next time! thanks for sharing the recipe, i absolutely loved it. 🙂

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