Lightening McQueen Cooks… chicken dinner

IMG_1129Lightening McQueen Cooks…

“Another guest blogger on the program and yes, it is more family. I tell you what, it’s like a pack of fricking gypsy circus freaks around here. You let one in and next thing you know they’ve pushed down your front door, lit a camp fire in your lounge room and knocked up your daughter. I’m still the effing ring master though… hmmm. Doesn’t quite sound right does it? Oh well, on with the show”- G

Yes that’s right folks, it’s Lightening McQueen here with the first of many in my new segment, “Lightening McQueen Cooks…”

As I sat in my car drink-eating a slush puppy killing hungry thirsty dead, I thought to myself maybe I should call G and discuss tonight’s meal. This is when Graz had the ingenious idea that I should do a Lightening McQueen segment not too different to the Liz McGuiness segment, but this is more a shorter piece ala “Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals”, which I am a big fan of and one day hope to finish one of his recipes in under 45 minutes.

It’s short because I’m that strapped for time these days with my first spawn being brought into the world and all. That’s right I have a child. Many thought it couldn’t be done, but I proved them wrong didn’t I… Didn’t I!! The other reason being I am not a wordsmith like my esteemed colleagues here at foodisthebestshitever. Or am I? With words like esteemed and colleagues one would think that I am, right? Also my grammar is up to shit so bear with me. Anyway as I sat with my slush puppy, pen and paper at the ready, Graz and I nutted out a few of the worlds more pressing issues before we turned to dinner. I can’t actually tell you what these issues are as they were top secret and I’m new here and I hardly know you. So back on track here dinner was decided and it was to be winner winner chicken dinner, I know funny right that was all the G-man. Roasted chicken Maryland with salad. We had the same idea. That’s why I’m Grazza’s number 2 in the kitchen (Insert a big eff you from my sister Jennee here).

Anyway the recipe

Winner, winner, chicken dinner
3 chicken marylands, or however many you want
• Lick with a bit of oil, (we discussed kiss with oil and decided it was a bit too wanky)
• Season with S&P and a little paprika
• Bake at 200C until golden and then reduce heat to 180. Check every 10 minutes until done. About 40mins.

This is Bonnie aka. the wee bonnie lass, tossing the salad. Never too early to get them started...
This is Bonnie aka. the wee bonnie lass, tossing the salad. Never too early to get them started…

The salad was good, it comprised of (shit. Comprised. There I go again, word smithing the shit out if this blog);

Red onion
• Toss with olive oil, S&P, some sumac and a squeeze of lemon juice


This has been lightening McQueen for foodisthebestshitever. You stay classy blog land.

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