My Nana’s potato salad

This is a salad that reminds me every time I eat it, of Christmas, and, well, anytime we had a family gathering back home. I’ve used versions of it to feed emperors and kings… And the odd carnie sex slave who’s starting to get a bit skinny. It never fails to impress, and still impresses the absolute crap out of me with its ease of delivery.

My Nana’s version uses potato, Polski OGorki (polish dill pickles), smoked polish sausage, brown onion, boiled egg, white pepper and vinegar. When I’m in need of a nostalgia fix I will follow her recipe to the cute little misspelled English letter. Other times I will wing it a little (I call these times “the winging times”. Not very creative i know) and add a bit of mayonnaise, different meat, nuts or herbs. If my grandad were still here he would look at me and say “what are you doing boy?” in his still excellent polish accent, then he would chuckle to himself and go back to within a foot of the TV to watch the next half of the west coast eagles game. My grandad loved the west coast eagles… And he didn’t see very well.

Today I’m going to use some leftover Christmas ham for the meat because Christmas ham is good meat and there’s still plenty of it floating around (not literally floating of course. That would mean I spent my Christmas on LSD. And I’m way to mature for that shit) and I’ll also add a bit of mayonnaise to the dressing. But I’ll give you Nana’s recipe just to keep this shit real. You do what you need to do.

choppy choppy


1kg potatoes, boiled in their skin, whole, until tender (the potato should slide off easily when you insert a knife. Kind of like a stripper sliding down a pole. Are those things lubed up or what… Wait up. I think I just got it), then use a paring knife to peel them while they’re still hot just to show all of your cats how awesome you are, and then cut potatoes into bite sized cubes

1 brown onion, peeled and diced

4-5 dill pickles, diced

1 cup of diced smoked sausage

4 boiled eggs, peeled and chopped

Salt and a good hit of whit pepper

A good splash of white wine vinegar or the liquid from the pickles

  • The main requirement for making this is that it is mixed while the potatoes are still warm so all of the ingredients can have a little party and their flavours can really get to know each other. Like when you’re at and orgy and you can taste a little bit of everyone on each and every person. This salad is good porn.


Doesn’t look like much but that’s childhood memories in a bowl right there.

Make it today… Or go to an orgy. Up to you…

Didn’t get much going in the way of Christmas food photos sorry. Could have had something to do with the fat time I was having with those Swedish prostitutes and all that LSD. Hmmmm…

I’ll pull something together.

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