Miss Margaritas Cantina, Byron Bay

Aaah, back to ol’ Byron town for dinner. A town that has disappointed me so much of late with it over priced and under quality food service providers. There should be a department to police the service of shit food at exuberant prices, but I guess they would end up corrupted and in the back pocket of outlaw motorcycle clubs everywhere. Then there would be a coronial inquest… houses would be bombed… cats tortured… and for what. So a crooked food cop could get off scott-free and move to Tasmania to marry his long time gay lover and live off all of his ill-gotten gains as a dodgy food Policeman?

Surely the customer would do it I hear you say. Through their absence these food crime instigators would go out of business, swiftly dealt with through food industry karma. This theory is applicable to a lot of places, but ol’ Byron town just doesn’t seem to be one of them. With it’s transient population of back packing Euros and fruit picking hippies it laughs in the face of the common mans logic. “Ha ha ha”, says ol’ Byron town.

I thought all was but lost and had conceded that maybe it was time for me to pack up my carnies and move this show elsewhere. But maybe I should give it one more chance? I did. And that was when I found Orgasmic Foods Falafel Joint. Another try? Go for two in a row? Aces high and all that? Maybe… and that was when I came across a post from a fellow blogger, who may or may not reside in these thar hills, stating she had a cracking meal at Miss Margaritas Mexican Cantina.

“Fuck it”, I said to myself. “Fuck you”, self replied. “Fuck me?” I rebutted. “Fuck you fuck me”…

And then I remembered I was sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, and people were looking at me kind of strangely…

The view past the side of my head
The view past the side of my head
Ol' Byron town offered up another cracking sunset
Ol’ Byron town offered up another cracking sunset
Straight to the taco bar
Straight to the taco bar
My taco plate and the offending nacos chips in the back ground
My taco plate and the offending nacho chips in the back ground

The food… I had the 3 taco tasting plate. 3 6” tacos for $19.50… surely I couldn’t go wrong… and I didn’t. I chose Chipotle Chicken, Mexican pulled Pork and Jalapeno Shredded beef. All were good but the beef was definitely the highlight. Maybe I expected a bit of extra heat in there too, but I guess they dull it down a bit for the general public. One of my kids had nachos and those corn chips are awesome. I had a bit of dinner envy for a second there but a couple of sneaky goes at his and I was good!

The menu is inviting and beckons you back like the siren calling to the passing sailor. That and the 5-6pm happy hour… I’ll be back for the chimmichanga for sure.

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