Steak with onion jam and washed rind cheese


Steak with onion jam and washed rind cheese

Are you at home eating your dinner on the couch and watching a movie?

No? Well I am… learn a little something from that.

Rib eye steak with onion jam and washed rind cheese is easy, yet a little bit classy, much like the up town girl who’s had one to many Dom Perignons’. It tastes damn fine (still baring similarity to the up town girl) and all it needs is a little salad on the side. No! don’t go putting duck fat kipfler potatoes or pommes boulangerie with this one. You will have an actual heart attack if you do that. A simple salad with some peppery notes, a little bit of sharpness and a load of cheffy wank. It is that easy! And don’t be afraid to use this recipe to jazz up your next steak sandwich – maybe with a bit of fennel ‘slaw (just for Pauly) and home made bbq sauce…

A nice piece of steak is a good start
A nice piece of steak is a good start

Steak gratinated with onion jam and washed rind cheese

  • Cook the steak in a very similar fashion to how you would normally cook a steak (make sure the steak is thick so as to avoid over cooking), except don’t cook one side as much as you’d like it cooked
  • Top the under-cooked side with onion jam (recipe here) and washed rind cheese, I used hashtag #bangalowcheesewashedrind but taleggio works excellently too, and then place under your pre-heated really hot griller (not gorilla… even I still need one of those) for one minute
  • Rest for 5 or so
  • Eat it on the couch with “Sleepless in Seattle” on the big screen and a box of Kleenex* near by

*registered trademark

11 responses to “Steak with onion jam and washed rind cheese”

  1. Typing this in agony after having poured half the wok oil onto my hand instead of into the bowl after making my Vietnamese crispy chicken! This is an awesome meal – see how much I like your stuff! 🙂 OMG! This hurts so bad!!! 😦

  2. Aaron would pretty much trade me in for this piece of steak. It has most of his favourite things in one (if you chucked a mushroom on the plate it’d almost have all of them). That cheese looks divine. Oh, and we eat all of our dinners on the couch whilst watching movies unless there are visitors. Bad habit? Ah, who cares! 🙂

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