Paul’s Caul… Full Disclosure


Full disclosure.

I am lucky enough in this life to get random requests quite often in regard to food in one of its many guises… these opportunities may be to cook in the center of Australia for 500 people in tents or it may be cooking for Elton John it may be the honour of cooking for your mates wedding or engagement or it may be “can you make a dessert that contains cocaine?” Now that’s a story I will tell another day… but this week the strange request came from my good friends at Boomtick (gig organizing type peeps)… these guys are a little special to me (in a non window licking kinda way), they not only hosted most memorably nights of my former life but have over the years became good friends. I have worked for them on a couple of occasions now, both times cooking on Christmas day for the International acts from the Breakfest Line-up (always an honour).

All of the above excites me and reaffirms why I spend so many fucking hours peeling fucking pumpkins or washing fucking herbs…. It’s because I get to share the finished product with friends, family and interesting people from all over the joint.

I feel this week has been filled with too much pumpkin and herb preparation, so I apologize for the outburst… but holy fuck balls I hate pumpkin!!!


This request was to be part of an acts rider; the guys from Disclosure were over here playing at Metro City, and Parker and had requested a cheesecake. So because they are a cut above the rest, the team at Boomtick didn’t just go to the cheesecake shop and nab the first thing that resembles said cake, they instead contacted me to see if I could help… I love a challenge and to be honest I’m not known for my cakes, so I thought fuck it, lets have crack…

So incase that wasn’t clear I just said yes to making a cheesecake.

Now what flavour to create?

Why create when you can steal from another genre!

Not sure if any of this grammar is correct?

Back to the fable at hand…

I know it looks dodgy but by all that's holy it tastes incredible. So piss off!
I know it looks dodgy but by all that’s holy it tastes incredible. So piss off!

White chocolate Mojito cheesecake!

My incredible talented sister, who may or may not have a drinking problem, had made mojito cheesecake before so I thought I’ll have a go. So with my usual disregard for the actually recipe I broke it down into simple component forms and built it back up a highly tuned and lavish cheesecake formed with the best ingredients known to man.

I shit you not, there was no holding back as I figure what else can I do other than get all Heston on their arse and allow them to smell cheese whilst riding a bike made out of cake???? Wow that was weird as fuck… but that’s molecular gastronomy for ya, all bike and no pedals I always say!

All bike and no pedals!!!

This may be my favourite ridiculous quote to date… smiley face

So I whipped pure creams and folded white chocolate and blended cacao, the aroma’s are subtle but comforting, the rum, mint and lime syrup is a triumph, even the eggs are second to none… if everything you use is delicious, how can the finished product be any thing but delicious also?

Obviously the answer is because people are generally over zealous when it comes to things they like or know are quality, be subtle, pull back and use restraint and that’s when food becomes cuisine and dishes become memorable.

Better photo
Better photo

I broke this bad boy down into 4 components when cooking it and this is how it went down…

1. Base… cheesecake must have a great base
Ginger, coconut & cacao crumb
1 packet of ginger nuts
30g cacao nibs or beans (that have been shelled)
100g fresh or moist coconut
100g melted butter

In a good blender blend all ingredients to desired texture.

Now pack this tightly into what ever greased tin or tins you want.

2. White chocolate… how to inject choc love into this beast
400g good white choc
2 cups best cream you can find
2 vanilla pod scraped

Whack all in a pot and heat carefully until all melted and lovely like.

3. Cheese… can’t have an effing cheesecake without cheese
500g cream cheese
500g mascarpone
2 cups castor
6 good eggs (you know fine well what I mean)

Whip this all up in a mixer until light and smooth

Once smooth whisk in 6 eggs.

4. Mojito component… booze, booze, flavour
500ml rum that actually has flavour
2 cups mint
2 limes (zested and juiced)

Cook off a little of alcohol with flame, then infuse liquid with the mint off the heat for 10 minute to get the flavour then strain liquor.

• To put cheesecake together fold number 2-3-4 together and pour over number 1 and bake at 160c for approx. 1 hour or until no more wobble.

That may be the best way of writing a recipe or it may be the worst? Let us know…

Well I hope the lads from Disclosure enjoyed their cake and ate it too.

4 responses to “Paul’s Caul… Full Disclosure”

  1. Seriously amazingly amazing! – who cares about grammar when you can produce something like that Paul…plus, “all bike and no pedals” – big smiley face to that…

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