Au Revoir Madame Emma… Coq au Vin and other French Goodies


My diary. Monday 30th June, 2014

I had a plan.

Note; I said had.

Today is my day off. No work, no school duties because it is now school holidays (more on that later) and some quiet time with my MacBook Air, finishing a few of the stories I have in my almost ready pile and starting a few stories to go with the hundreds of food photos that are now almost over flowing from my photo library. That was my plan…

Croquembouche in the making
Croquembouche in the making
Obi was getting into the spirit of things
Obi was getting into the spirit of things

Unfortunately this plan was devised by the head of my planning department; a small gnome like creature named Kevin who has absolutely no contact with the outside world, hence did not take into consideration the party we (Jennee and I) were attending last night. You see, our friend Emma (who last sprung to notoriety on these very pages when she hosted a house warming party that left both Jennee and I wounded… Jennee permanently brain damaged, scans would later show) has decided she is off to France for six months. She’s packed her bags and her kids (possibly in the bags) and she is off. Except before anyone leaves around here we need to have a party… a big, fat “au revoir Madame Emma” party… red and white checkered table cloths, French food, guys dressed up with blue and white striped shirts, red neckerchief and beret (where we have this stereotype from I know not, but it was abundant), girls dressed like French prostitutes from the golden era of the Moulin Rouge, ample breasts just barely being contained by corsets and other similar things and nary a pair of knickers between them (note to self; a French themed birthday party is probably a good idea), and booze… oh the booze. We drank like we were at a Scotsman’s wedding,,, and that, my friends, is where this plan crumbled. It was too reliant on me being of sound body and mind today, of which I am most definitely neither. I had put all of my eggs in one basket, dropped said basket crushing all of the eggs which were now oozing their way onto the grass in what could be described as a new age hippy lunch creation; the raw omelette with grass, and now the dog has wandered over and is cleaning the mess for me via it’s tongue.

Good dog.

The coq, ready to feed the starving hordes
The coq, ready to feed the starving hordes
I plated up inside because I needed some better light
I plated up inside because I needed some better light
I have never enjoyed coq so much
I have never enjoyed coq so much
French totem. Nuff said
French totem. Nuff said

But boy, did we eat.

We consumed like the Aussie mine worker on holiday in Bali. Nothing was too much for this feasting farewell to our dear friend. We started with home made chicken liver pate, cheeses… lots of cheeses and fruit, accompanied by only the finest bottles of imitation champagne 12 bucks could buy. That was followed by coq au vin, pommes dauphinoise (or potato grat-arn for those less cultured amongst you. Google that shit and pick a recipe), pickled lentils, sautéed cabbage and peas, onion and pumpkin tart, rocket, pear and walnut salad, crusty bread and, of course, booze… lots more booze. And then to top it all off was the croquembouche, somewhat of a sign that assures you my Jennee has been involved in the feast you have just consumed. Although to be absolutely honest, there were not many amongst us who could fit it in as our bellies were already teetering on the brink of bursting with a cocktail of chicken, cheese and a pile of booze… or maybe that was just me…

Oh yes we ate
Oh yes we ate
The croquembouche
The croquembouche
This is the girl to look out for my French friends (Emma is on the right)
This is the girl to look out for my French friends (Emma is on the right)

A fitting farewell in anyone’s books!

And just a little note to all of my French friends out there – Emma will hit your shores next week and she is ready to eat all of your cheese and pate and she will definitely put a dent in your stocks of wine and champagne. The time to re-stock your cellar is now!

30 responses to “Au Revoir Madame Emma… Coq au Vin and other French Goodies”

  1. Your coq looks melt in the melt delicious. I would love a French themed dinner party like that. What a wonderful idea. Themed stuff makes my heart swell with happiness.

    1. Oh the places I could go with that coq comment… But I’ll keep it clean.

      The feast was excellent and the theme was a winner. Food and French prostitutes… Can’t go wrong.

      Smiley face

  2. That coq au vin gives cock a good name…..stonking:)

    1. Yeah. I think I may have opened up a can of worms with the whole coq thing though…

  3. Tres bien Mr and Mrs Food! Fabulous coq and bouche. 🙂

    1. Why thank you… I think.

      Smiley face

  4. You guys do NOT mess around. What an amazing party with an amazing menu. The croquembouche is unbelievable. Wow. The coq au vin looks perfect. I’d love to plan a french menu one day with costumes and all.

    1. The dress up was a hit. Moulin rouge-esque dancing girls are very easy on the eye. Smiley face

  5. I’m not going the coq pun – just wonderful awesomeness! Hope you’re enjoying the non school duties – I know I am – loving the Brissy sun 🙂

    1. Loving the no school duties… are you still going to make your way down here?? The caprivodkas are waiting!

      1. Sure am – heading to the Gold Coast today and staying there – spending the day in Byron tomorrow 🙂
        Chill the vodka!!! 🙂

        1. Are you folks staying the night??? We could do dinner…

          1. We can’t stay the night – but we would be happy to have lunch at your fine eatery…you just have to tell me what it is called. 😊😊😊

            1. Lilianas cafe. Possum creek. Just past Bangalow 🙂

            2. PS If you’re here before lunch we do a 4 course breakfast degustation today which is worth a crack! The number is 02 6687 2292 if you wanna make a booking 🙂

              1. Should we make a booking for lunch or just rock up? We had breakfast at the hotel and are heading to Byron now 😜😜😜

                1. Booking is best. I can do it for you if you give me a time and numbers…

                  1. That sounds cool – how do we get there from Byron?

                  2. Just booked for 1:30 and got directions – gonna chill on the beach for a bit – haven’t seen the sun for ages…

                    1. Magic… I should really get off this computer and get ready for you then, eh 🙂

                    2. Did you get lost?? No chance of a sundowner at our place then?

                      1. Ok…here’s what went down…made booking…sat on beach…headed to yours for lunch…my driver got lost…pulled over to re check directions…car gets flat tyre…try to call you and phone dies…friend has mini melt down…I smoke too many ciggies while the tyre is changed…get back in car and she drives back to Brisbane…friend blasts me with heavy metal all the way back…I cry silently on the inside all the way back…so sorry…try again next time 😢😢😢

                        1. Damn. Get the voddy out!!! Next time fer sure!

                          1. No voddy damn it…it’s wine tonight…fee sure!!!
                            Only just got back and messaged you as soon as phone recharged slightly!!!

                            1. Enjoy the rest of your holiday my friend 🙂

  6. Hahahaa… I still remember my first visit to France in my very early 20’s. I saw the brand ‘Le Coq Sportif’ and thought it was the funniest thing ever. Anyway, now knowing that coq is chicken, this looks AMAZING. What a party! I love the fact that you guys went the whole hog (or coq) with neckerchiefs and berets. And booze. There cannot be a French party without booze. Jennee definitely outdid herself with that croquembouche. The spun sugar looks incredible… ah, choux pastry. Emma is a lucky friend – I might see her over in gay Paree (as we leave next Wed!)

    1. We don’t like to eff around with farewells around here!

      You guys would have fun together that’s fer sure! Safe, fun and tasty travels my friend!

      Smiley face

  7. A feast for all! Looks like a fun dinner.

    1. Oh it was my friend. It was. 🙂

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