Black Rock Camping Day 1… a chilly swim and burgers on the fire

burger time
As I had previously mentioned, we were to venture out into the wilderness on a family camping trip. Our tribe, plus four other families all followed by their own respective broods of small humans. I wasn’t totally sure if we may be setting ourselves up for disaster, but one thing I was sure of was that we had brought with us enough booze to self medicate even the most treacherous of feral child, Lord of the Flies, type scenarios that these kids could throw at us.

Bring it on!

We arrived at the Black Rock campsite via the convenience of modern technology, the metal chariot we fondly refer to as the automobile. Uponst our arrival we immediately set about the task of erecting (heh hem) our ready made, easily transportable, space saving, comes with a free set of steak knives, campsite. Thereupon I was greeted by an old friend; as we unraveled our tent from it’s cob web coated shroud the wafts of stale campfire smoke filled my nasals. To some it is a musty smell that reeks of a stale manifestation of unattended mould spores, but to me it is a fond memory of great times. Great food shared with great friends and cooked in what can only be described as a great cookhouse; an idealistic kitchen forum with a back drop of nature’s most awesome glory… and nary a gimp like, peg legged, old man in sight… it is true I have worked in many questionable kitchen situations.

These pizza scroll were damn delicious. Beetroot leaves, tomato passata and cheese. Rocking
These pizza scroll were damn delicious. Beetroot leaves, tomato passata and cheese. Rocking

This is story time at the campsite
This is story time at the campsite

We ate beetroot leaf pizza scrolls that Jennee had the forethought to prepare prior to our leaving home, followed by a swim in the river that was nothing short of invigorating as the river had declined the offer to follow the sun in its warming of the new season and sat not one single degree above damn cold (whether in celcius or fahrenheit), followed by my personal favourite – the lighting of the fire ceremony (entirely clothed this time, as we were in the company of other families who had small children who were not fully accustomed to the beast that is “camping Grazza”), followed by the drinking of the beer (another personal fave), followed by the cooking of the dinner. Tonight it would be burgers, just because that’s how we roll.

Get in line for the camp kitchen
Get in line for the camp kitchen

Cooking on the fire really does not suck
Cooking on the fire really does not suck

Beef mince pattie seasoned with paprika, sumac and a heap of salt and pepper, lettuce, tomato, cheese, fried onion, mayonnaise nazi homemade mayo and bbq sauce and a few jacket potatoes on the side.

There may be a fork on the side of this plate but that was for the roast potatoes. Please believe me when I tell you I am not some kind of nutter who eats a burger with a fork… while camping for effs sake
There may be a fork on the side of this plate but that was for the roast potatoes. Please believe me when I tell you I am not some kind of nutter who eats a burger with a fork… while camping for effs sake

Magic. Full flavoured camp goodness, with not one sexy mardigras bound gay man in sight.

Now I am in bed and writing to you with a pen-on-paper type course of action, with nothing but the illumination of a small battery powered lamp and the company of my youngest little man, Obi.

I am going to go and pee outside ☺

34 responses to “Black Rock Camping Day 1… a chilly swim and burgers on the fire”

  1. You have captured the magic (with nary a top hatted man in a cloak and doves up his sleeve) of camp cooking. That burger looks the business (although I think that mayhaps you did use a fork and knife, he that protests too much?) 🙂

    1. Brilliant words, my friend.
      No fork was harmed during the eating of that burger. That is a guarantee from me to you 🙂

  2. Should have brought a lamb to bury in a coal pit all day..

    1. That was only day one, my friend. You’ll pleased to know their is some lamb to follow 🙂

  3. Fuck me, that’s a serious burger…..:)

    1. I’m a very serious man *trying not to make a smily face*

  4. Are those scrolls gluten free? If they are then I defo commend Jennee on baking those up! And will be begging for the recipe.
    We missed out on camping this summer so I’ll live vicariously through you 🙂

    1. Those scrolls were fully loaded with gluten, I’m afraid.
      We have hopes and dreams of plenty of camping this spring/summer. There’ll be enough for both of us! 🙂

  5. I love camping! Look at your setup! Wow. I’m trying to go one more time.

  6. The only way you could have used a fork on that beauty would be to stab it through the middle and eat it like a toffee apple. Looks awesome.

    1. Haha. That is a brilliant idea. I should’ve done that for sure! 🙂

  7. My last camping experience involved a crazy man with only 6 fingers, cops and a lot of booze, oh and of course bacon and eggs… I like your camping style so much better. That burger belongs in my belly! please send one asap.

    1. Don’t worry about the burger, I want to hear the story of your last camping trip and the six fingered crazy guy!! 🙂

      1. The guy was literally crazy. Said he was part of the federal police, then admitted he was actually a sherif and had his gun and badge in his car (he had, had one to many ports by this stage I think). Any way we continued to drink, he came back when it was dark with a flash light and what looked like a note pad (his police ID) and started losing it. He headed straight for one of our female companions, I got in his way and ended up on my arse. He continued to lose it, at this stage there were a bunch of people from other camp sites (one happened to be a champion kick boxer) and we all escorted him off the grounds. Cops came too statements blah blah blah we continued to drink and have a good old time (except the girls, they were scared he was going to come back and get us in our sleep!). So much fun in the small country towns of WA!

        1. Bahaha. That’s brilliant. I love a good, albeit dubious, camp story with a happy ending. Which town was it?

          1. haha yes it’s certainly an interesting story to tell. He should be sorry for interrupting good quality beer drinking time! It was just out of Bunbury

            1. Gimme a name. I need the place to complete my mental picture! I grew up down south so the curiosity is growing 🙂

              1. There have been way too many beers between then and now to remember the name haha. It was about 10min from the heart of Bunbury, little caravan park/campsite place. 🙂

                  1. A bit of goggling and I’ve got it. Turns out its called the Bunbury Village, Holiday park. I highly recommend it if you enjoy hanging out with crazy people 🙂

      2. Matt that story is scary as shit! I got caught by some Funbury (as we like to call it) bogans in the middle of the night once but I think all of their fingers were intact. You win!

  8. Well, with camping like that who needs to live in the city or a house for that matter? And WHAT A BURGER. Yum. I was relieved to hear you weren’t eating it with a fork. 😉

    1. I would punch myself if I caught me eating a burger with a fork! 🙂

  9. Amazing. Jennee’s pizza scrolls, the burgers, the fire-roasted potatoes (drooling right now) and the headlamp story time. I wanna go camping!!!
    P.S please don’t think less of me but I have, ahem, never gone camping. Aaron thinks it’s hilarious (I did migrate from Britain in childhood, we snobby Brits don’t sleep in TENTS! Not unless there’s a battle going on…). You make me want to venture forth and pitch a tent though! Just to get food as good as this… with plenty of beer

    1. We could have a… BURGER BATTLE. That would be effing awesome. You guys could pitch a tent and we could have a real battle with swords and shit… Oh dear good lord

  10. To be honest, i’ve never camped before! :-X I know I know! What a sadly northeastern american thing! We just straight up don’t really camp here. We like to pretend we’re all city folks and live in the woods.

    But it looks like you all had fun! Plaid on men and children in pjs, no less!
    Burger looks oh my god shove it in my mouth delicious. Sumac too? Yes please. Forever. And roasted red onions???

    I now pronounced me and this burger married.

    1. You may now kiss the burger
      *confetti is thrown at the happy couple* …going to be fun cleaning that up tomorrow! 🙂

      1. Hahahah! Oh my goddd I can’t. I caaaaan’t! 😛

        Thank you. I’m so pleased to have you officiate my wedding. Sadly we had to break up because he started getting cold, and I well, I dealt with him the best I could. 😥

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