(Jamie O’s) Crunchy Fridge Salad to go with Spit Roasted Pork Belly

This was my first day off for a while and the even more brilliant thing about the allocation of my lot in life right now is that it was my first day off in a couple more than a few and we are going to be hitting up the Bunjalung National Park for a few days of camping, eating, fishing, eating, swimming, eating, relaxing and eating! There is definitely a common theme in my life. I fricking well can not wait.

Before we leave though, I just have to fire up that spit one more time. Today, my cousin Amelia is staying with us on her way to a seven week yoga instructors course in the hills behind Byron Bay. A seven week course that requires participants to abstain from the evil of meat and booze and cigarettes, so we shall fire it up in celebration of the smoky whisps and turning metal stick that can take a piece of pork, or in fact any meat, to a higher plain; the next level, if you will. Also, Amelia’s father (my Uncle Rob) has asked that I force feed her meat if necessary as he is afraid his daughter may return a brain washed hippy who is afraid of the flesh of earthly beasts.

The spinning glory that is the spit roast
The spinning glory that is the spit roast

The salad all chopped up and waiting to get it's gear on
The salad all chopped up and waiting to get it’s gear on
And then this shit hits the table
And then this shit hits the table

I am not lying to you (I figure we’ve come this far and you’re still here, no point in starting the lying now) when I say I sat and watched this thing turning for at least three hours. There is something fully therapeutical about watching a lump of meat as it dances slowly in a smoky ménage-e-trois with the big stick and the coals. What living man could deny the truth in this simplest of pleasures?

A smoky lump of pork belly that had spent hours self basting on the twirling stick over the coals would be requiring a nice crunchy salad today, methinks. Something me old mate Jamie would do for sure. I’m not going to sit here and tell you this is only going to cost “one pound, twenty eight p per portion”, but a nice piece of pork belly for the family is only going to cost you 12 or so bucks, and the salad is one of those things that you can make with all of the crunchy salad stuff in your fridge… so we’re not too far off.

The whole spit roasting thing is not something that can be easily replicated so I will let you deal with your own demons on that one. But the salad, the salad was a cracker and I will make again… and you should make it too.

Begging to get in my belly
Begging to get in my belly

I fricking loved this salad
I fricking loved this salad


1 handful or so of each julienned snow peas, green beans and granny smith apple, shredded cabbage and iceberg lettuce, sprouts, fennel, radish, etc
A few torn mint leaves, just because they were staring at me from the garden
A good splash of apple cider vinaigrette, to dress
• Mix it all together
• Eat it with some deliciously smoky, juicy and melt in the mouth awesome crazy pork, with a bit of green tomato chutney on the side

Back to my cousin, Amelia.

Amelia's hands getting dessert ready. Don't be fooled by all of that fruit… this was not a trendy new age raw fruit cake
Amelia’s hands getting dessert ready. Don’t be fooled by all of that fruit… this was not a trendy new age raw fruit cake

This is what it was. Every kids dream!
This is what it was. Every kids dream!

Although she had gained entry to our humble home under the guise of a hippy, health freak, vegan, soon-to-be yoga master, she soon presented us with a dessert that can only be described as the work of some kind of she devil who was trying to make my kids lose their shit with a highly concentrated, socially lethal dose of refined sugar straight to the brain. M & Ms, meringue, whipped cream, mango, blueberries and strawberries filled our bowls, sugar filled our brains, and Amelia filled out hearts. Awwwww.

So this is your ol’Uncle Grazza signing out for another little hiatus. See you folks on the flipside.

22 responses to “(Jamie O’s) Crunchy Fridge Salad to go with Spit Roasted Pork Belly”

  1. I would have happily sat right next to you for those three hours.. I once sat by my weber for six hours.. Quite ‘tired and emotional’ ahem by the end of it..

  2. Excellent. I shall have to post a picture of the spit used at a recent wedding here. The pig was stuffed with bunches of herbs and impaled on a scaffolding pole. At one end of the pole a bicycle wheel had been welded on. A fan belt went around the wheel and down to a small motor powered by a car battery. The whole thing was placed over an oil drum, cut in half lengthways, which contained the slowly burning fire….it cooked from early morning to early evening….brilliant:)

  3. That’s a ridiculously long yoga retreat. I can’t even stand doing yoga for an hour, never mind six weeks (but then again, my instructor was some sort of flabby monolith with sweat patches and hairy armpits… and she prodded me with her hobbit foot to try and straighten my back… gross. Needless to say I never returned and forfeited six weeks of classes paid in advance. What a waste). Anyway, back to this sizzling, crisp-skinned pork belly goodness. Man. So delicious!!! And any salad by Jamie Oliver is usually a winner… this one looks grand. Good luck to Amelia!

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