Chicken thighs with beans and asparagus ala Matty

roast chicken thighs with beans and asparagus
My brother is staying with us at the moment. His name is Matt, so for the purpose of this story I shall call him Matt.

Matt lives in Margret River on the west coast of Australia and we live near Byron Bay on the east coast of Australia, so as you may or may not be able to imagine, I don’t get to see my brother heaps, which is a shame because I really like hanging out with that guy. Sometimes we do get a little carried away, and there have been more than a few occasions that we have pushed our luck a little too far and ended up relegated to sleeping in the shed… together… in the same bed. But these are definitely stories for another time…

So Matt is here for a two month holiday but he seems to like to fill his holidays with things to do around the house, so always puts his hand up when there is a job to be done. Now, I don’t know if he genuinely likes to have something to do, or if he’s just trying to impress Jennee, but either way there’s always a list of stuff that needs doing when he comes to visit. This time we have garden beds that need building and planting, a back deck getting built, catering jobs to lend a hand on, and we regularly come home to the clothes washed and folded and a clean house. This is true domestic goddess shit going on right here and this kid is getting full marks thus far. It’s like Jennee’s finishing school for boys who want to be able to live with girls. Anyway, to complete his course in domestic goddessery (more on that later), yesterday he decided he would cook us dinner. He’s a bit of a dab hand in the ol’ kitchen so our expectations were high… Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t expecting a Heston’s feast but we also new he could do plenty better than a weight-watchers frozen ready meal for one, too.

Chicken and asparagus
Chicken and asparagus

Asparagus and chicken
Asparagus and chicken
Nothing wrong with this picture
Nothing wrong with this picture

Extra greens are going to do nothing but score you a heap of bonus points with the ladies
Extra greens are going to do nothing but score you a heap of bonus points with the ladies

ROAST CHICKEN THIGHS (and legs) with BEANS and ASPARAGUS (serves 4)

3 large chicken marylands, separated into leg and thigh (or 6 chicken thighs)
1 brown onion, diced
5 cloves garlic, chopped
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard (we didn’t have any, but agreed it would’ve been a nice touch)
A splash of white wine (apple cider would also work here)
600ml thickened cream
2x 400ml tins butter beans
A handful of chopped parsley, thyme and chives
Steamed asparagus, to serve

• Season chicken pieces and roast at 180C for 40 minutes
• After 20minutes of chicken roasting time start on the bean number
• Sauté onion and garlic until soft and fragrant
• Deglaze pan with a splash of wine or cider and add cream (and mustard if you got some)
• Cook out for a few minutes
• Add beans and herbs and warm through
• Serve beany goodness with chicken and asparagus and a few extra herbs and some flaked chilli on top
• Matt says cheers

47 responses to “Chicken thighs with beans and asparagus ala Matty”

  1. This is hilarious. I just made chicken quarters (thighs and drumsticks) for dinner! I totally threw some Dijon on there, so I agree that it’s a good call.

    1. Cheers my friend. A good call indeed!!

  2. Nothing wrong with that second last shot at all. Brilliant combination and excellent presentation.

    1. Haha cheers Conor. Matty will be chuffed 🙂

  3. I will love pairing it with homemade herb garlic bread!

    1. Now that, my friend, is a damn fine idea. Bang on! 👍

      1. Sure, I will! Also loved your post, “Golden Brown Vietnamese Pork Spring Rolls”. Have guests coming over dinner tonight. These will pair well with drinks 🙂
        Have a yummilicious weekend 🙂

        1. Indeed I shall. And you too. Cheers 👍

  4. Nothing wrong and everything right there so-called Matt, brother of Mr Food. Or perhaps he shall be called The Perfect Houseguest?

    1. His name is Matt and he’s pretty damn good at house guesting that’s fo’ sho’. It’s always a pleasure Mrs Cheer 😜

  5. Yum! I’ll take chicken thighs any day. Pretty plating as well!!

    1. Cheers homie. Matty will be stoked you like it 👍

  6. I always get a kick reading your posts! And that meal looks yummy too!

    1. Why thank you my friend. I get a kick out of writing/eating them too 😜

  7. 2 month holiday? What! How the hell can Matt get away from work for 2 whole months? What’s he on paternity leave?
    I can’t break away for 2 weeks!
    Can you send Matt my way? I have to things that need doing too 🙂
    He can make this for starters 😀

    1. Yep, he’s a lucky little prick fo sho. I’m pretty sure he was drunk when he booked his holidays… Seriously. I’ll get him on the next plane your way… Right after we finish this deck 😁

  8. After Dana finishes with Matt doing things her direction, he can come up here to the States (New England), too. Definitely sounds like a cook who can hit the spot!

    1. He does the job!! So to Dana’s first and then to you… I’m going to have to pimp this kid out 😜

  9. Fun fact…the only night one of my sons will sleepwalk to the bathroom and then pee all over the floor…is the night they eat asparagus for dinner.

  10. What a perfectly balanced meal. I’m loving the idea of the mustard, even if you were out of it. Lucky matt. He gets to eat well with you!

    1. Abd we get to eat well with Matt!! Cheers my friend 😁

  11. Yeah, you guys have an incredible win-win situation going on over there! Love chicken thighs. Best part of the bird!

    1. Amen that my friend. Moist, juicy, crisp skin… Not much else I need 😁

  12. When he’s done at your place send him to mine!
    Looks awesome – and he sounds like perfection – I have lots of stuff around the house that needs doing! 😜

    1. There’s a bit of a queue forming for his services… 😜

      1. I’ve noticed…lol
        I’m nothing but patient…hang on…no I’m not

        1. I have a chicken and asparagus meal on the cards for tomorrow night – thank you Jamie Oliver! – I’ve grown to like his food – keep you posted ☺️

          1. I’m sure I’ll see that one… So what time shall we rock up?

            1. Anytime tomorrow is fine my friend! I owe you a dinner!
              But…do you really want to leave beautiful Byron for Melbourne?
              Lucky bastard 😜

              1. I’m always keen on a trip to Melbs. I grew up in Albany WA – I love that shitty weather 👍

  13. Lol – I do love Melbs – a place where there are bars called ‘Naked for Satan’ just a few doors away from a beautiful French restaurant can’t be half bad – I love weather – no matter what it’s like – as long as there’s great food, alcohol and company…😁😁😁

  14. Love it! Enjoy having your brother around! 😊😊

    1. I always do my friend. Cheers 😜👍

      1. 😊Great blog! Love your posts because I agree that food is the best shit ever and they are so funny! Thanks a lot 👍😄

  15. I’d say this bro is an absolute asset, love the clothes folding washing on the line thang & then dinner, a scrumptious easy to put together dinner also ………X

  16. Mmm this meal looks so perfect and delicious

  17. We’ve been eating a crap out of Asparagus lately, too. Although tonight we took a foray into roasted cauliflower. Because we just didn’t smell enough…

    1. The family that smells together… 😁

  18. Is Matt the Mr Big Red that I’ve missed seeing at the Bakery on more than one occasion? You need to post a photo for identification purposes next time I’m in MR!!!! Anyway, glad that you two have had a mad opportunity to catch up, cook and drink some quality booze (and now that I know Matt is a West Aussie kind of bloke I can definitely pinch him for my mis en place kitchenhand… as soon as he gets back, of course. Possibly in exchange for some burgers that are possibly as good but possibly not quite as good as his brothers. The burger off remains to be decided…)

    1. It is the very same Matt AKA Mr Big Red.
      He loves mis en place duties (no joke) and is available for home visits 😜
      And rest assured, this burger off will happen…

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